10 Reasons to Book a Break in Wales

Are you looking for a unique destination, perfect for a luxurious, unforgettable holiday? You might want to consider booking a trip to Wales, a country brimming with cultural experiences and possibilities. Whether you are looking for a beautiful place of relaxation or a new region to explore, Wales could be the perfect choice for you. Here are some brilliant reasons to book your trip now and thank us later.

Go White Water Rafting

If you have an adventurous spirit and a desperate desire for some thrills, you will find everything needed in Wales. You can start by researching white water rafting. The frothy rivers across the country are the perfect place for this type of activity, particularly if you are near Snowdonia. White water river rafting is fantastic fun, but it can be quite dangerous. If you don’t have any experience with this activity, you will need to put your fate in the hands of a trained professional. Luckily, in Wales, this is one of the most popular tourist activities so there are plenty on hand.

Take A Hot Air Balloon Over The Landscape

Alternatively, you can take a gentler ride and arrange a trip up in the air above the landscape of Wales. From there, you will be able to see rolling grass hills, dark forests and perhaps a beautiful view of Cardiff Bay. It does depend on where you’re staying in Wales. However, no matter what your destination, we can guarantee the view will be spectacular. Hot air balloons can be rented in Wales privately, and it could be a romantic experience for you and your partner.

View Stunning Scenery

Since scenery was mentioned, it’s worth delving a little deeper into the wonders that Wales has to offer. If you’re looking for gorgeous views and a breathtaking landscape, you need to travel to Snowdonia. The massive national park sprawls across 826 miles and would take a full year to fully explore. You should start by climbing Snowdon and reaching the highest point in Wales. The view from the summit is absolutely tremendous, and if you would rather not stretch your legs, you can take the railway line. The train runs from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon and is very popular with tourists. The whole national park is a tourist hotspot and tends to be quite busy, particularly in the summer months.

For a quieter place of peace, serenity, and beauty, you can travel to Rhossili Bay. This area of Wales is, quite simply put, stunning. You will be able to walk along the beachfront or explore the higher grass verges. Once again, the view of the ocean will be spectacular.

Delve Deep Into History

If you are interested in exploring the history of a region, there is a road waiting to be traveled in Wales. Dating back thousands of years the history of Wales is quite remarkable and worth exploring. Caernarfon Castle would be a fantastic place to start. It is a rare example of a medieval building that still stands today in all its glory. Perhaps the most famous Welsh castle, it was rebuilt by Edward I to mirror the imperial power of Roman. Another popular tourist destination, Caernarfon sees thousands of visitors a year. But don’t let that deter you. The heritage site holds hidden wonders for anyone curious enough to explore it.

You might also be interested in visiting the National Museum. There you can gain a deeper insight into the history of Wales including the highlights of the mining age.

Experience Incredible Culture

More recently, Wales has embedded itself in pop culture. It’s the filming location for some well-known shows like the 1960’s version of The Prisoner. Current TV shows filmed there include Doctor Who. Cardiff Beach was famously the setting of Billie Piper’s final departure from the show. Filming takes place in Wales every year, so if you pick the right time, you are sure to spot the Tardis.

More traditional aspects of Welsh culture includes folk dancing and singing. The welsh love their music, and you are sure to be treated to a live performance or two if you know where to look. These can be found in small villages and cozy, sleepy towns in the countryside. For a taste of modern Luxury, you can explore Cardiff as the sun begins to set. There you will find prime nightlife from clubs where parties never end to world renowned restaurants.

Dine On Delicious Food

As with any new region, you will certainly want to test your palate with the local delicacies. You have probably tried a few welsh foods through years because some are loved across the world. However, there might be a few that you have never tasted such as Bara Brith. This is a sweet bread made with currants and other dried fruit.

Explore Under The Earth

Back on the adventure trail, Wales is perhaps one of the only places in the UK where you can explore under the earth. If you travel to Swansea, you’ll be able to book a trip inside the Dan-Yr-Ogof caves. These natural wonders are gorgeous with rushing water jutting between the layers of rocks. Walkways have been built so the caves are completely accessible and they are quite incredible to behold.

Back in Snowdon, you can find a different type of adventure below the ground. Here, there’s a chance to dive deeper than before with and underground zip lining course. Fluorescent lights guide the way in this unforgettable experience.

Lay On Beautiful Beaches

If you’re looking for a place to relax in the summer, Wales is the perfect location. You’ll find plenty of deserted beaches with golden sands and frothing waves. In the summer, when the climate is right, these coastal havens feel just like heaven. We’re sure you’ll be able to find one not too far from your hotel if you book near to the coast.

Spot The Wildlife

There’s a wide variety of wildlife to see in Wales if you’re interesting in heading off on a nature trail. You are sure to spot some deer deep in the forests on the hills. But, if you head down to the coast of Ceredigion with a little luck, you might find a remarkable sight. Dolphins are regularly spotted jumping in the water here, and it is the perfect reason to visit the sandy shores.

See The Stars

Finally, if you are traveling from an urban city, you could be in for a real treat. Many parts of Wales have incredibly low populations. Due to this, there is very little manmade light, and this allows for the stars in the night sky to be fully seen. For someone who spends their life in the city, the first viewing of a Welsh night sky will be an unforgettable experience.

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