10 Top Tips for a Family Campervan Holiday in UK

Planning a campervan holiday is always exciting. You get a chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones far from home. Such trips are also ideal for joking, laughing, and recalling some fun-filled old memories. Further, you also get the opportunity to say goodbye to your hectic daily routine (at least for some time). No doubt, it can be a fun-filled tour.

However, it requires some deep planning as preparing for such trips ahead of time helps you enjoy every bit of it. So, to help you out with this, we have got 10 useful tips for a family campervan holiday in the UK. Let us explore them.

Tips for a Family Campervan Holiday in UK

If you are also planning for a family campervan holiday in UK, there are a few things you need to remember. Here are some tips to help you plan better.

1: Choosing the Right Destination

Before planning any such trip, your campervan destination is the primary aspect to consider. This is because; there are a ton of camping locations in UK, such as Castle Knights, Monmouth shire and Newgale, Pembrokeshire. However, not all camping destinations could be worth visiting for you. For example, if you are planning a family trip, consider searching for a safe place for kids. Further, it would be great if your chosen destination also offers opportunities to get close to nature. 

2: Consider Getting or Hiring a Campervan 

It is quite obvious but essential to either get or rent a campervan for such a trip. In this regard, you will have many options to choose from. You may go for new ones or simply search for campers for sale. You can simply rent a campervan if you are short on budget. Whether you buy one or rent one, ensure that it offers decent enough space to accommodate your family members and some extra luggage.

3: Keep the Packing List Short but Relevant 

You have chosen the perfect destination and also decided about getting or renting a campervan. Now, it’s time to pack some stuff. While packing goods for the campervan holiday, try to keep the item list short. However, this doesn’t mean you should miss out on any important stuff. For example, pack the clothing items according to the weather of your chosen destination. Further, don’t forget to take some ready-to-cook food items, toys, and books for your kids.

4: Carrying a Power Back-Up Is Must

You’d surely be taking smartphones, power banks, and other portable devices. Therefore, you will need a reliable power backup too. Here, you can consider investing in a lithium leisure battery. Such a battery can easily power up your portable devices. Further, these batteries are quite efficient, safe, and also lightweight. So, you can easily carry a lithium leisure battery on a family campervan holiday trip.

5: Plan Some Activities before Leaving  

Don’t you want to enjoy every bit of your next family campervan holiday? Surely you want. So, it is good to plan some activities before leaving for such a trip. For instance, you can plan to play badminton on your camping trip or maybe some card games if you are interested in them. Further, you can also plan to have some barbeque with your family. To entertain your kids, you can let them play with their toys or read their favorite comic. There can be nearly endless activities to entertain yourself on such a trip. Just make sure you have planned plenty of them in advance.  

6: Be Ready For Any Challenge 

It is essential for you to be ready for any family campervan holiday trip challenge. Even with all the planning, anything can happen. For example, what if starts raining all of a sudden? So, you should carry quality sleeping bags, a pop-up tent, and an umbrella for such a situation. Basically, you should be prepared to handle such situations. Don’t worry; this doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s better to be ready to face anything.

7: Do Take a First Aid Kit 

Taking a first aid kit on such trips is always recommended. You never know when even a minor injury could spoil the fun of such a planned camping trip. Therefore, for the better safety of your family, you should never miss carrying a first aid kit.

8: Taking Some Bicycles Can Be Fun 

As we highlighted earlier, you should plan some activities that could double your holiday’s fun. So, taking bicycles on a campervan trip is one way to enjoy it. In addition, you and your kids can ride bicycles on various tracks (depending on your chosen destination). Therefore, carrying some bicycles on a campervan trip won’t disappoint you.

9: Have Plenty of Snacks with You

You, your kids or any family member may have the habit of munching. Carry enough snacks for them to help them enjoy with full zeal. Also, carrying snacks would be ideal for dealing with casual cravings.  

10: Take Care of the Kids 

Last but not least, you have to ensure that your family members, especially the kids, remain safe and sound throughout the camping journey. In this regard, you should educate your kids about your chosen camping destinations. Ensure that they don’t go far away while playing or bicycling. Further, at night ensure that your camping van is all locked before sleeping.

Final Words

So, now you know pretty much all the essential tips for a Family Campervan Holiday in UK. From choosing the right destination to packing enough items, one cannot overlook even the tiniest thing before planning for such a trip. So, to enjoy the most, follow these tips and have s safe, fun-filled, and adventurous campervan holiday!

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