4 Compelling Reasons to Book a City Break this January

City breaks are becoming increasingly popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. You get to enjoy a little holiday from the stresses of everyday life and see a part of the country you probably wouldn’t visit for a longer vacation.

One thing people don’t tend to do is book a city break during January, but there are many reasons why you should break that rule. Here are just four.

  1. Beat the January Blues

When winter first rolls around, it’s easy to get excited by all the fun of Christmas. Once the festive period is over, you’re suddenly back at work, facing the cold, and regretting the number of mince pies you allowed yourself during the break. Don’t let anyone tell you the January blues aren’t a real thing. Instead of facing them, book a minibreak during January to keep your spirits up.

  1. Skip the Crowds

Going on a city break during the Christmas season can be great, but you’re probably going to run into crowds. The same is true when you go during other holidays or when summer comes along. Few people take city breaks during January, so booking one lets you see your chosen destination without having to shoulder through crowds or put up with long lines.

  1. Get Great Deals

Since January is rarely peak season for British holidaymakers or British city break destinations, now is a great time to find some deals. Whether that means getting into attractions without paying full price or booking a serviced apartment at a lower rate than normal, choosing to go in January can help you save.

  1. Enjoy the January Sales

For plenty of people, January is synonymous with shopping. All the major high street shops start slashing prices in a bid to bring in more customers, and plenty of shoppers like to spend whole days locating the best finds. Why not combine the fun of the January sales with a visit to a new city? You’ll find a huge array of retail opportunities in most of them, including some you wouldn’t find at home.

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