5 Common Mistakes People Make Booking Accommodation

When you first start looking at accommodation for your next trip, it’s pretty exciting. However, it can become stressful in a hurry, and people often simply pick the first viable option. By doing so, they’ll usually make one or more of the following common accommodation booking mistakes. Read on to make sure you don’t do the same.

  1. Not Checking the Location

Let’s say you’re booking accommodation in Bristol. You might pick somewhere that’s in the city but far from the centre. In general, chain hotels tend to be poorly positioned, so take this into account when you book. Serviced apartments are usually situated towards the centre, so you might want to book one.

  1. Not Looking at the Wi-Fi Policy

From smartphones to laptops, nearly every traveller needs to access the internet from their accommodation. Practically every type will have Wi-Fi, but you should remember to check the Wi-Fi policy. It’s not rare for hotels to charge you extra for using theirs – in some cases, they sell you Wi-Fi access by the megabyte, which can get expensive.

  1. Missing the Added Charges

Taxes, admin charges, and so on can come as an unexpected hit to your finances if you’re not careful. Even the most reputable accommodations sometimes pull unexpected charges out of the bag, so be vigilant and check twice before making your booking.

  1. Skipping Self-Catered Options

People often avoid self-catering accommodation because it’s usually more expensive. Thing is, you can make some of your meals, so having self-catered accommodation could mean significant savings. After all, we’re not just talking about dinner. If forced to eat out for breakfast and lunch into the bargain, your costs can quickly skyrocket.

  1. Ignoring Potential Deals

Finally, remember to check thoroughly for available deals. You can join mailing lists to provide them in your chosen area, look for accommodation that offers discounts to local attractions, or choose a serviced apartment if you plan to spend a little longer in your chosen location – serviced apartments provide fantastic deals for long-term stays.

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