5 top tips to boost your holiday budget

Obtaining the best deal when you’re planning a big trip isn’t easy, but with a bit of time and effort it’s possible to secure some excellent discounts.

Whether you’re looking for a sun-soaked holiday in the Mediterranean, city breaks or a cruise, booking your holiday at the right time can make a massive difference to your budget.

Read on to find out our top five tips which will help you save some serious amounts of money.

Avoid the high season

Every popular destination charges a premium to travel during their peak season, so it makes sense to go outside of these times. For instance, Paris is packed from June to August but less so during the spring months.

Visiting in February or March can save you hundreds of pounds off the cost of your trip, perhaps allowing you to try out Sun Play Online Casino bonuses and boost your spending money.Peak and off seasons vary around the world, so make sure you do your research before making a booking.

Leave it late

Many people like to book early so they can save for their dream holiday, but it can often pay to wait until the last minute. There are plenty of sites who specialise in late deals, offering huge discounts on hotels, flights or package deals.

Booking directly through hotels or airlines can reap rewards, as companies look to fill their remaining vacancies with paying customers. Same day booking apps are also worth checking out, with up to 70% percent savings available on some hotel room rates.

Don’t be a stranger

Travelling in a large group can help you secure significantly greater discounts than if you travelled alone or as a couple. Most travel companies are happy to offer group rates, with those types of booking giving them the comfort that plane seats are occupied and hotel rooms filled.

The minimum number of travellers needed to secure a group rate can vary from company to company, so make sure you shop around to get the best deal.

Use price comparison websites

Scouring individual sites can help you secure some decent offers on various essential vacation items, but using price comparison websites or extensions (such as https://price.com/extension) of the same added to your browsers, could bring many of these all under one roof. Taking a vacation is definitely expensive, and all necessary steps need to be taken to ensure that you get the best deals, on most things! Don’t be caught out by companies offering cheap headline prices that leave out additional extras such as baggage costs or insurance rates.

Rent out your Home
A great way to earn some money while on holiday is by renting out your home. With Ivy Lettings, you are able to let tenants use your home whilst you enjoy your holiday. They make sure the tenants interested in your property are properly screened and suit your requirements. This is a great way to earn an income whilst on holiday, so be sure to consider this!.
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