5 unique ways to stay fit on a USA holiday

Are you planning on visiting the United States but worried about keeping on top of your fitness regime?

Regular gym goers can miss out on their regular fitness activities when travelling abroad, but the USA has plenty of unique workout experiences available that are popping up all over the country.

Whether it’s cycling, dance cardio, rowing or something else that takes your fancy, read on to discover our top five recommendations for fitness on the move in the States.

1. Daybreaker, various cities

Daybreaker parties are regularly advertised across social media and give you the opportunity to dance your way to a good workout early in the morning.

Vigorously shaking and moving to your favourite tunes can use the same amount of energy as a treadmill session, but with the added of fun of a party atmosphere.

Check out the Gnome Wood Slot Review after your workout to boost your budget for future Daybreaker events, both during and after your holiday.

2. Red Rocks Fitness, Denver

Well known known for hosting some of the world’s most iconic music events, Red Rocks also offers a summer fitness series that allows exercisers to admire the breathtaking surroundings while doing their workouts.

With music blasting through the natural amphitheatre as you exercise, it’s like your own personal concert where you are the fitness star.

You could also try Yoga on the Rocks, which offers early morning sessions during July and August.

3. Paddle Into Fitness, San Diego

Paddle Into Fitness has been offering stand-up paddleboard yoga classes since 2009 in the San Diego Bay.

You undertake a warm-up on the beach, before heading to the water for a variety of cardio drills and body weight training on the board.

The instability of the board takes everything up a notch – and if you do lose your balance you’ll only get wet!

4. Hiking Yoga, various cities

Hiking Yoga also originated in 2009 when founder Eric Kipp fused his passion for exploring new places with his love of yoga.

Instructors lead hikers over three miles of scenic nature trails, taking breaks along the way for showing off your yoga skills.

The cardio benefits of hiking plus the mental positivity of yoga provides a unique outdoor fitness experience.

5. Unplug Meditation, Los Angeles

Going on holiday should take us away from the trials and tribulations of daily life.

Unplug, a meditation studio in Los Angeles, offers 30 to 45-minute classes where customers can learn to meditate or enhance their practice, and simply breathe.

Founder Suze Yalof Schwartz has created a calming space featuring qualified meditation leaders and pay-as-you-go sessions that appeal to beginners and experts alike.

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