We are committed to providing our readers with the finest hotel experiences in the UK. To do so, we think it’s great to hear from different voices from across the world. We therefore welcome guest post contributors to create high quality articles on our website.

You don’t have to be published to write for us. You don’t need a journalism or English degree. You simply need to have a passion for travel and writing, with your enthusiasm shining through on your article submission.

Your guest post submission should:

  • Be written in English
  • Not be plagiarised
  • Have a tone of voice
  • Showcase exceptional venues or great travel tips

Examples of Related Topics:

  • Hotel Reviews
  • Destination Reviews
  • Travel Tips
  • Destination Activities
  • Tourism
  • Holiday Food & Drink Guides
  • City Break Guides
  • Beach Holiday Guides
  • Holiday Fashion
  • Culture Guides

Think of Your Title

We here at National Hotels really care about our article titles, which is why we encourage you to carefully think about your article title before you submit a travel blog. The title should make a reader want to click on the link, resulting in them loving your article.

All you have to do is summarise your guest post blog and fit it all into one engaging, entertaining title. Take a look at our previous articles for an example.

Think About the Tone

We love a good tone of voice here at National Hotels – but we don’t want your tone to overshadow ours. We want to hear your personality on the page, but we don’t want it come at an expense of our existing content. Have a good read to capture the tone and then start writing.

Just Ask

We would much rather you drop us a message about an article submission than writing in the dark. Don’t start typing away until you know exactly what’s expected of you, and just send us an email if you need us to answer a question. You will have more change of your guest post contribution being accepted if you do.

So, if you want to become a guest post contributor for National Hotels, simply contact us below. We look forward to reading your travel blog.