Amenity Creep in Resorts and Hotels

Resorts and hotels in North and South Carolina have been on the rise over the past ten years. Both of these states offer a wide variety of accommodations, from family-oriented resorts and hotels to business geared resorts and hotels. This study looked at both privately owned resorts and hotels and those that are owned by vacation clubs. This is important because, while vacation club members get special pricing, some resorts and hotels have even lower room rates. This study also looked at the typical amenities that each of these types of establishments had to offer.

Resorts are grouped according to their theme or purpose. Most of these resorts have some common features, but not all of them. The North Carolina Department of Tourism classifies these resorts into five categories. These include historical, cultural, heritage, leisure, and theme and historic. The study evaluated resort amenities for each of these categories and compared these with the amenities of various hotels across the United States (including those owned by vacation clubs) and of resorts and hotels around the world, as well as with similar resorts in North Carolina.

This report also assessed the professional standards of each of the five categories of resorts and hotels. While this information is not a substitute for expert research, it can provide a starting point for potential managers looking to hire employees in this industry. These reports also examine the cost and revenue of individual resorts and hotels.

Resorts and hotels vary greatly in how they are managed. Some specialize in full service tourism, including five-star accommodations and spa services; others offer more generalized guest room services. One category even offers wedding venues, yacht charters, and ski condos. The needs of each of these categories of resorts and hotels are determined by the specific theme of their properties.

Resorts and hotels differ greatly in their level of service from basic guest care to onsite casino gaming. For example, a four star resort may have onsite chefs, whereas a family resort may not. A major difference between resorts in terms of hospitality management is that hotels have the responsibility for guest reservations and all reservations for rooms and related amenities must be handled by their in-house staff.

Most vacation resorts offer excellent customer service and many have elaborate resort programs. Many feature activities to participate in during the day and provide entertainment options during the night. Resorts offer more personalized services to their guests in their accommodations. In most cases, the majority of guests stay in a resort suite and use a guest house or condo unit for additional living space during the duration of their stay.

Amenity creep is a problem in lodging and comes into play when comparing typical resorts to those offering high-end luxury. Amenities in a typical lodging range from a standard television set, air conditioning, a private bathroom and a safe for using while getting ready for the night. Amenity creep can become quite costly, especially with air conditioning becoming one of the highest costs associated with room service. The higher prices associated with resort amenities lead to fewer customers and potential customers staying in their accommodations. When resort guestliness and friendly service are not met, guests tend to avoid hotels and opt for vacation rentals instead.

Some resorts and hotels have resorted to offering limited amenities and in return, have seen decreases in their room occupancy and revenue. Hotels and resorts have also looked at alternative forms of advertising, such as advertising on other properties. Many owners of resorts and hotels have turned to advertising in online sites like Yahoo! Travel, which is free of charge and includes hotel amenities and a list of restaurants in the area.

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