America’s Top Holiday Travel Destinations

The holiday season in the United States means there are a million more cars on the road. Thanksgiving is busier than Christmas when it comes to travel, but Christmas time adds at least 23 percent more traffic to the roads.

A thorough travel plan will help to assure that you arrive safely at your destination and enjoy all the holiday treats your tummy can handle. Every travel plan begins with an ultimate destination, and America is an excellent host of hopping holiday destinations. Take a look at some of America’s top holiday travel destinations, and begin planning your holiday trip now.

Carmel, California

Head west to California for the holidays, and enjoy the beauty of Carmel. Where the ocean meets the rocky shores, the temperatures stay mild all year round, and Carmel’s local tree lighting sets the waters aglow. With a little more time in hand, you can explore the Pacific coastline along the southern coast as well, as this side tends to have some exotic palos verdes villas, and hotels to give you one of the perfect retreat experiences.

Early December brings a quieter side to these areas, and shopping is exquisite. There are also plenty of open reservations at the local dining spots to enjoy. Try the Flying Fish Grill, and rest your head at one of Carmel’s most cozy Inns.

No reason to worry about the regional wildfire dangers in Carmel, as the area has not been touched by disaster in a very long time. The geographics of the location keep the area contained and sheltered from the fiery storms of California.

Zoar, Ohio

Do the holiday season a small celebration in the quaint town of Zoar, Ohio (population 169). The little town of Zoar is rich with historic treasures, and the whole town lights up for Christmas. Evergreen garland weaves its way through the structures of the town, giving off just the right scent for the holiday.

Take the kids to visit the local blacksmith and tinsmith of the town, and let them see how things were made in the old days. The blacksmiths in this town produce crafts and goods the old fashioned way.

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Elkhart Lake sits in between Lake Michigan and Lake Winnebago. It is a town where Christmas takes over during the holidays. Everyone in Elkhart celebrates the holiday season with glowing and glimmering decorations.

Elkhart Lake is also home to the famous Old World Christmas Market. Modeled in the spirit of a German Christmas celebration, you will find traditional schnitzel, sauerbraten, and potato pancakes.

Aspen, Colorado

The whole state of Colorado is a great place to be during the holidays. There is always snow and plenty of fun outdoor activities to keep you busy, but Aspen is one of the most enjoyable places in all of Colorado during the winter season.

If you and your family find yourselves wandering along Cooper Avenue, you may run into a few discreet cookie exchanges, a public s’mores roast, or even the occasional elf meet and greet.

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