Best River Rafting in The Rockies – Colorado Springs

As spring approaches, rivers are running and life is rushing on the Colorado River. Huckleberries, trout, catfish, rainbow trout, sapphire blues, sunbirds, hawks and many more are enjoying the glory of their freedom. The sun is shining, the trout are biting and the days are getting longer. There is no time better to enjoy these blessings. Explore: Our biggest and best river rafting recommendations are on the Colorado River. You could even look into river tube rentals to enjoy the scenery with your friends while having some fun!

Your story of a great outdoor adventure will begin in Colorado Springs. Not far from the high mountains, but also not far from the heart of Pueblo, lies the lazy and turbulent Arkansas River. Hotels in Grand Junction could be a good choice if you’re planning to explore the place for a few days. The Arkansas river is a twisting river that flows through three states, yet the exact route and route number are always the same.

Who knows why? That’s just the way it is…

Colorado Springs White Water Rafting

Rafting near Colorado Springs should have you taking the rafting boat around the Arkansas River, with a guide pointing out some of the beauties of the area, like the spring-fed swimming holes at the Pueblo Riverfront Park, and all along the river, which frequent visitors to this part of the world say “reminds us we’re in Colorado Springs”.

Back in downtown Colorado Springs, the Arkansas River flows over, and through the famous Manitou Springs while it winds its way through the City Park on the south side of Colorado Springs. At the bottom of the park, along the river, sits a magnificent white concrete bridge. The bridge allows people to walk underneath it, and look out over the river.

Some people feel like they’re trespassing, but you can’t just walk across this bridge, you have to take an elevator, and a boat.

The bridge, with the bridge’s huge arches, is one of the many scenic draws to the City Park of Colorado Springs. The river flows quietly along the path, so far that you don’t hear it, but when you turn and look toward the sky, the arches create an awe-inspiring sight.

The Trail

While walking along the trail, bright orange butterflies might appear in ratification of your luck. The butterflies can only stay in Colorado Springs for about one month. What a way to enhance and complement your river rafting action! They can’t survive in the cold weather. That’s why they can’t fly until the last week or so of March, when it warms up.

This one-of-a-kind bridge has been built with the most luxurious of materials. It is meant to be a landmark. People walk across this bridge to get to the City Park and we think it’s a nice bridge, and it will be there for a while.

Plenty of options for some outdoor fun await the eager adventurer who hits the Rockies, but river rafting certainly has to form part of the line-up. After all, it’s the main draw as something you can come away with to legitimise having been to the Rockies. It’s almost as if you have no legitimate claim to having been if you didn’t go down the river in a raft!

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