Booking A Hotel Room? 5 Questions To Ask Before Making That Reservation

When booking a hotel room we want to ideally get certain accommodations. We want to get a good rate, extra amenities, and a place to get a decent night’s sleep while we are away from the comforts of home. Many times we look online, or call around to find a room rate and pick a hotel that seems decent, however we can be disappointed when we arrive and realize that the hotel maybe isn’t ideal for our family for the duration of our trip. Next time you book a hotel room, here are 5 questions to ask so you can get the room that is best for you and your family.

How Many Beds Are In The Room?

It’s important to find out how many beds are in the room and what size the beds are to see if it will be comfortable for you and your family to stay in. Also it is good to ask if another bed is needed, if a cot will be provided and if there is an additional charge for that as well as extra pillows.

Is Wi-Fi Included Or Extra?

We all love our internet access, but some hotels do charge extra for Wi-Fi. It is important to ask this question up front when booking your hotel room, especially if you are going to be on a business trip or have a constant stream of work e-mails. Another good place to check about Wi-Fi prices or the Wi-Fi quality are sites like that provide tons of reviews from people who have visited the same hotel you may be eyeing to book. By asking if your hotel room provides free Wi-Fi, it will end up saving you money and headaches on your trip.

Is There A Gym And/Or Swimming Pool?

You want to get the most bang for your buck so it is important to ask what extra amenities are included at the hotel. A swimming pool can be a real life saver when traveling with children as it can be something that will easily entertain them for hours. If you are a gym rat, the added bonus of having a gym on site will save you money from spending your cash on a day pass at another gym near your destination.

What Discounts Are You Running?

Many hotel chains offer military discounts or hotel discounts if you are a Costco member or AAA member. Make sure to ask what discounts hotels have and you can easily get another 10% or even more off of your hotel rate.

Is There A Restaurant On The Premises?

Many hotels do have restaurants, and many also include free continental breakfasts. Before you book that hotel room, make sure to ask if there is a restaurant in the hotel. A restaurant on site can be helpful especially if you don’t have access to a car during your travels

So whether you are going to your parents 50th wedding anniversary party in Vermont or visiting a family member in treatment in Colorado you will be sure to get a great hotel room by asking these 5 questions.


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