Budget travel: Best destinations for 2018

Holidays can be an expensive affair, but it’s possible to visit some fantastic destinations even if you have a limited budget.

Set aside some time do some research before booking and you could be rewarded with trips to places you’ve previously only ever dreamed of visiting.

Read on for our top five budget travel destinations for 2018.


Resorts like Koh Samui and Phuket are notoriously expensive, but head along the coast and there’s plenty of cheaper places to visit.

Tonsai Beach is Thailand’s finest rock-climbing location and it also has some of the cheapest accommodation in the Railay Beach area. Alternatively, head to the Chiang Mai region in Northern Thailand to see the rice fields and numerous Buddhist temples.

A room in a hotel with a swimming pool will cost around 25 per night, while backpackers can stay in a dormitory bed for as little as 5.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an incredibly budget-friendly destination due to the availability of affordable accommodations, activities, and transportation options.

From camping in the jungle to beachfront cabins, you have plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from. Additionally, there are a variety of adventure activities like sport fishing (see Costa Rica fishing packages for more info), snorkeling, and kayaking, which could make this an excellent destination for nature and adventure lovers.


Mexico’s superb mix of old and new makes this one of the most varied holiday experiences in the world. Miles and miles of fantastic beaches will appeal to sun-worshippers, while the Mayan ruins will attract the more cultural traveller.

A basic room costs as little as 15 a night, but play roulette online before travelling to increase your spending power during your holiday.

In Mexico, beyond the stunning beaches and historic sites, there’s a vibrant culinary scene waiting to be explored by food enthusiasts. From mouthwatering street tacos to innovative fusion dishes, the flavors of Mexico are as diverse as its landscapes.

Popular beach destinations like Puerto Vallarta offer excellent value for travelers on a budget. In these coastal towns, you can even take part in a Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour. This tour often includes a visit to a local distillery, where you’ll get an inside look at the tequila-making process. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to taste different varieties of tequila and even buy some bottles to bring back home. It’s a fun and immersive way to experience the culture of Puerto Vallarta while enjoying a delicious drink.


Nicaragua is Central America’s largest country, but it remains relatively unspoilt by tourism. Volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, sensational beaches and pristine forests offer a stunning backdrop to a holiday that is certain to hit the spot.

Surfers will love the big barrels of Rivas, while the clear waters of the Corn Islands are superb for snorkeling. All the best beaches in Nicaragua are free of development, so you can experience them just as nature intended.


Colombia gives you access to the Amazon rainforest, the start of the Andes and both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. You’d be hard-pressed to find so much beauty within such close proximity anywhere else.

The cost of travelling to Colombia has dropped by around a quarter over the past few years, making it one of the best destinations in the world if you’re travelling on a budget.

Excellent cuisine, superb culture and captivating history ensure that anyone visiting Colombia will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.

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