Caravan Holidays: Tips for Controlling & Towing Your Convoy

If you plan on taking a caravan trip, or you’d like to split your holiday between staying in hotels and a caravan vacation park, you must first learn to properly prepare your vehicle to tow a large convoy. Furthermore, it is important to get some experience towing a caravan before you set off on your journey. Here are some tips for towing your convoy and what to look out for.


If the thought of towing a caravan makes you think twice about attaching one to your vehicle and going on a trip, there are several ways you can get some practice in before you hit the open road. If you are seriously considering purchasing a unit, you might want to visit transport and travel, or automobile event that allows you to gather more information on travel trailers. For instance, you might get to know in detail about an ultra lite toy hauler. Toy haulers are generally fifth wheels, travel trailers, or motorhomes with a large ramp door for accessing the rear of the vehicle. Load your toys through the ramp door, secure your load, and proceed as you would with any other RV type. Toy haulers are purchased for many reasons, it does offer additional living space and storage, even if you don’t intend to store toys. Many ramp doors can also be used as an exterior porch. Additionally, you might want to invest in a Powered Trailer Door Opener which can make the job of opening and closing the ramp doors easier. You won’t have to manually exert yourself to open the doors, and it can be done with the click of a button.

That said, these types of events will provide you with a wealth of material on caravans, towing tips, and other aspects of the industry. If you attend some of the larger events held in the UK, you’ll find that they allow beginners to practice towing units, providing excellent safety tips and other useful information on towing.


There are several clubs based in the UK who offer courses on manoeuvring to help you get used to handling a vehicle while attached to a caravan. If you are a beginner, or you’d just like to avail of some professional tuition, why not look online to find out when the next course is being held in your city, or nearby.

In general, most courses are completed in one day, and they’ll teach you how to deal with snaking and pitching, hitching your caravan, reversing, and other important factors associated with controlling a large unit. Equipment is essential, you must have the right type of towing gear and a car which is powerful enough to move the caravan. You can buy a towbar online or visit a local automobile supplier who specialises in caravan equipment and towbar fitting. Instructors will also allow you to practice in your own vehicle, so you feel more comfortable while learning.

On the Road

Before you even get in your vehicle, you must have the right category of driving licence, one that allows you to drive a large trailer. Because you are pulling an extended convoy, there are several things to consider while on the road.

  • A larger convoy means you’ll have to take corners slower, give yourself a wider berth to avoid hitting curbs, clipping corners, or damaging street signs.
  • Speed limits are different when towing a trailer, so be attentive to street signs.
  • Give yourself more time to break when approaching traffic lights and other vehicles.
  • You can only tow in certain lanes while on the motorways.

Taking a caravan trip doesn’t have to be so daunting, if you’re properly prepared you’ll have no issues transporting your unit around the roads. As a beginner, it is advisable to attend a caravan towing course, you’ll gain experience driving and they’ll also provide you with other important information.

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