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Pre-Road Trip Car Tips

14th June 2017 Simon 0

As the summer is slowly approaching, people are starting to make plans for an epic road trip, researching where to drive to, planning a route, shopping for provisions that might be necessary for the trip […]

peaceful dog hotel
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Hotel Etiquette for Pets

7th June 2017 Simon 0

Pet lovers across the world hate the thought of leaving pets behind in kennels when they go on holiday. Kennels can’t give the level of care and concern that pets are used to at home, […]

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Taking a Bus to Save Money

4th May 2017 Simon 0

Taking the Bus: How You Could Save 1000 a Year If somebody told you that they knew a really easy way to save 1000 a year, would you listen? We all try to save money […]

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London’s best party venues

1st March 2017 Simon 0

If you’re currently thinking about planning a party in London, then you will understand just how important choosing the right venue can be. With this being the case, you might need some guidance when it […]

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Planning Your Move to France from the UK

1st January 2017 Simon 0

Though similar in some ways as Western European countries are, the UK and France are really rather different when it comes to living in one after the other. They boast different climates, different cuisines, different […]

Old People Travel
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5 Reasons Retirees Should Travel

16th June 2016 Simon 0

We plan our retirements very meticulously. Such as being smart with our finances, using ROTH IRA calculator tools to set up retirement accounts, and making investments. That is because we want to be as comfortable […]

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