Clothes to pack when travelling to London

If you are heading to London for the first time there are some packing essentials you must know of. You must know that the weather in London is unpredictable and it can get chilly even in the summertime. Even the rains are frequent so you need to keep a tab on the weather forecast. If possible, it may also be prudent for you to get your hands on a portable weather station (click here to learn more about it). It can be your weather guide while in the city.

What clothes to pack for London?

Try and carry good amounts of black outfits and denim for the starters. Boots must be your go-to shoe option and another pair of what makes you comfortable, probably sneakers. Check out the full list below:

  1. Jeans

Jeans don’t seem to go out of style due to the utmost comfort and as you can match it with almost anything. Carry two pairs of jeans, preferably blue and black to match them with different kinds of tops and tees.

  1. Black dresses

You will count on a black dress that you can wear on a dinner date. If times are cold, you must carry your tights and blazer on top. If there is a sudden change in the weather and you want a quick buy, count on the company phone numbers to navigate to the best-shopping outlets.

  1. Blazer

If you’re going to London during the colder months, don’t miss out on adding a blazer to your suitcase. An over-sized tuxedo jacket is the classy and trendy option to buy. However, you can opt out of the trend and buy something else instead.

  1. Turtlenecks

Try to get your hands on a striped tissue turtleneck that you can layer under a trendy sweater. You can also check out wool turtleneck that is warmer and might not need sweaters for an add-on.

  1. Sweaters

You need to keep at least one sweater handy because the weather is unpredictable. Even during summers, you might need a light sweater. If you’re headed to the city during fall or winters, you will need quite a few sweaters to beat the unbearable cold.

  1. Sneakers

London is a beautiful city to walk around and you don’t want your feet to feel the pain. You can buy a pair of running shoes or sneakers to prevent blisters. Make sure that they are waterproof to keep you going during the sudden falls.

  1. Boots

A pair of black boots is a must when you are visiting London. It not only gives you the English vibe but also suits everything that you’d like to wear in the city.

  1. Rain jacket

London can bring in misty rainy weather at any point of the year. You need to carry a rain jacket because they are stylish and waterproof. They keep you safe from the cold drops of water and it is a practical option to pack.

These were some of the essentials that you need to carry to London every time you visit. You can also add a hat, a pair of sunglasses, a sling bag, and so on. Try to travel as light as possible by keeping the weather in concern, and that will keep you on point.

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