Day Trips to Paris

With a range of attractions to see in London and a large selection of attractions to choose from all over France, day trips to Paris can be a great way to see the country. If you are visiting during the summer months, it’s even more of an advantage to go during the winter months as airfares and accommodation costs tend to be at their lowest point. You will need to make your way into Paris on public transport – the metro can get you almost everywhere in Paris – but if you prefer to drive then you can find plenty of companies offering a guided tour of the city. You may also be able to rent a car and visit the sights yourself; many of the museums and galleries in Paris have self-drive options available. There is a plethora of information about the various sights and attractions in Paris online, so you should find it relatively easy to plan your trip. However, it is best to do your research in advance so that you know where you want to go and how long it’s going to take to get there.

London to Paris day trips You can get tickets for cheap day trips to Paris in London by looking around online. The best places to get tickets are from travel agents, but there are also many independent travel sites that offer reasonably priced tickets. The basic London to Paris day trips package provides return Eurostar tickets from a range of dates at an attractive price. It also includes all you need to get to Paris including transport from the airport and a hotel. The price includes rail transport in the form of the Eurostar, which is quite comfortable, and a taxi or bus journey to your hotel. There is often also a choice of either staying in a centrally-located hotel or in one of the many trendy neighborhoods around the city.

London to Paris combo packages Another way to save money when taking day trips to Paris is to buy Paris hotels as part of the London to Paris combo packages. These can be purchased separately for individuals or groups. The price of such a trip depends on whether you book from a travel agent or by the hotels separately. You can usually find good deals on hotels in the France region through companies like Holiday Inn or Best Western. However, caution is advised to check their rating before choosing a hotel because many of these hotels have been hit by fraudsters.

London to Paris train journey There are a number of ways to travel from the UK to Paris by train, and buying train tickets as part of the London to Paris combo packages ensure good deals when going by train. Eurostar is the train service that runs from the UK to Paris and is the most popular way of travel by train. You can travel from the UK to Paris by buying one fare for an entire trip, or you can buy one fare and then buy another fare for the return journey. The Eurostar runs from St Pancras International Station in London to Paris and several other locations.

London to Paris bus tour Another way to travel between the UK and Paris is by taking a day trip on a bus tour. The city of Paris is full of sights and sounds and is worth seeing on a guided tour. There are day trips included in the London to Paris tour package and these are operated by tour operators in the region. A good deal for a day trip may include buying train tickets and paying for the bus tour operators’ costs.

A London to Paris train and bus tour is a great opportunity to see Paris and its famous landmarks during your stay in the City of Light. Many tourists choose this route, as the sightseeing opportunities are better than some other options and there are fewer people on the tour. It is also a good idea to pack lightly when going for a tour of Paris as the public transportation can often be crowded and the scenery can sometimes be less exciting than you might prefer.

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