Etiquettes- Important Things You Should Know Before Travelling Abroad

Etiquettes are an important part of a country’s culture and you must respect the traditions being followed there. Most tourists believe that they are free in a country where nobody knows them and can do whatever they want to do. The rise in the number of naked selfies at the Angkor Wat temple is a testimony to the fact that many travelers don’t care for the local traditions and etiquettes of a country. Obviously, different countries have different rules, in fact, there are strange things about the US that other countries do not understand themselves, but it is a known thing that etiquette in any and all countries must be kept to and understood so any offense is not drawn whilst there.

As a responsible tourist, you must ensure that you are not appearing as a ‘nosy foreigner’. You should try to blend in the culture as much as possible and graciously accept the facets of their traditions that do not match with your own. There is only one etiquette that never changes- regardless of how far away you are from. It is the entertainment of the Red Tiger Slots and their awesome gameplay. Not only you but the people you meet in different countries could enjoy the slots. Here are a few important things you should know before travelling abroad.


While a hello and a handshake are almost universally acceptable salutations, it will be worthwhile to know what people in a certain culture speak when they greet each other. Be very careful while greeting the elderly or women. Kissing hands or cheeks, or hugging are very westernized ways of greeting people, especially women.

The food

Food etiquettes are important for every traveler. In many places in the world, eating with forks and knives is looked down upon and eating with hands is considered okay. In some other corners, it could be frowned upon. Similarly, leaving food on the plate is considered rude in many cultures but in some places in Japan, leaving a morsel in the plate is a sign of great respect for the chef.

The clothes

You wouldn’t want to risk wearing shorts or exposing too much skin in societies that do not accept it as normal. At some places, you could be denied entry based on your clothes (some religious sites may not allow anyone exposing skin to enter) or you may just be looked down upon. Find out what the people of a certain location think about ‘appropriate clothes’ and dress accordingly. This is especially true in the case of conservative societies and especially so when you are travelling east.

It will be worthwhile to research a little about the culture and rituals of the country you are visiting in advance.

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