Four Secrets To Finding Great Hotels In Hua Hin

Once you get to know an area after visiting a few times you will have a good idea of which hotels and restaurants are the best around but if you don’t yet have that knowledge you might need some help.

Here are some pointers that will give you the inside track on finding great hotels in Hua Hin and other fantastic destinations around the world.

Search online

Many of us start our search for a hotel online and there is nothing wrong with that tactic provided you know how to search and where to look.

The main function of the majority of travel comparison sites and specific hotel search engines is to allow you to compare prices and narrow down your choice of accommodation by putting in some specific criteria you want to stick to, like your budget.

The issue with a number of these websites is that they don’t always list all the fees and surcharges you might have to pay, so the price quoted might not turn out to be such a bargain.

A lot of hotels will pay a commission to the search engine which may be built into the price so if your search brings up a hotel you like the look of, such as the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa, for instance, it is always worth checking the hotel website directly or calling them to see if you can secure a better rate that includes all the fees and no hidden surprises.

Pay for what you want

If you want a hotel that offers great views and is in a convenient location for exploring the area that could be more important to you than whether it has added amenities like a swimming pool and gym.

The secret to getting full value for money when you are searching for a hotel is to make a list of what you want your hotel to have and then use that specific criteria to get a shortlist of accommodation that fits the bill.

There is no point paying extra for amenities that you don’t need or want.

Don’t be guided purely by price


It is worth remembering that less expensive hotels can often provide more than you were expecting for less money than you thought you might have to pay.

High-profile hotels that enjoy a certain status and reputation may well have opulent surroundings and five-star service but you will also find that there are plenty of less expensive hotels that go the extra mile to look after you and give you a great hotel experience for less.

Get involved with loyalty programs

The hotel industry is a competitive business and each loyalty program is aimed at getting you to think about booking with them each time you want somewhere to stay rather than with anyone else.

This means that is you subscribe to their loyalty program you might be able to find a hotel in Hua Hin that offers you a great rate and a decent room at a discounted rate.

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