From The Lake District’s Regal Hotels To Liverpool’s Romantic Resorts: The Ideal Date Destinations In The North West

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Every couple, whether you have a long history together or are just starting out, deserve an extra special weekend away together. In the name of romance and relaxation, a getaway in the North West of England offers the best of everything and every style. From a royal affair or mediaeval atmosphere to vintage vacation and luxury treatments, no couple will be left out when searching for the perfect date accommodation. You might think that a romantic weekend can be achieved at home but you don’t have to travel far or break your budget to take off for a weekend and put the focus back on your relationship. Getting away from your hometown, booking into an idyllic hotel and taking the opportunity to spend quality time together can be exactly what your love life has been looking for.

The Lake District

The Lake District was voted the favourite romantic destination in England and, more specifically, in the Northwest for Valentine’s Day. But this area is a prime spot all year round for romantic getaways for you and your partner. The Windermere lake winds through the district’s mountainous regions and offers cosy cruises. While in the area, you have ample luxurious accommodation choices. The Cedar Manor Hotel, with all the elegance of a true manor, and its the vintage decor will transport you to another era and give you and your partner a regal romantic experience. For a more modern approach to your stay, the Waterhead Hotel is a classy hotel, with a beautiful garden and well-furnished interior, you and your partner will still feel like countryside royals when staying here. These places are ideal for couples who are looking for inexpensive travel options but still want the adventure and intimacy of a new romantic setting.

Royally Extravagant Stays

Romantic getaways should make you and your partner feel no less than extravagant. It is, after-all, a break from daily tasks and, in that respect, must be special. Askham Hall in Penrith, Cumbria will afford you that very opportunity with its grand atmosphere and aesthetic. The hotel surrounds a mediaeval peel tower, adding to its splendour. Nothing says royal and romantic like a castle. The Augill Castle in Kirkby Stephen offers luxury accommodation in its neo-Gothic structure. The vintage interior and 20 acres of lush grounds make it a sublime getaway for couples looking for a boost in love. Askham Hall, a new World Heritage site, provides couples with many activities for leisure such as spas and a beautiful restaurant in which all the produce is sourced from the Askham Halls gardens. This venue is also a beautiful option for couples who are looking to tie the knot. An antiquated barn and various lawns are available for ceremonies and Askham Hall welcome all forms of marriage.

Cosy Countryside

Situated in Little Eccleston, Lancashire, is the countryside Cartford Inn. This boutique hotel dates back to the seventeenth century and its rich heritage is tangible in the building. The furniture is modern with a vintage touch and the amenities are perfect for you and your partner to relax and rejuvenate together. Each room is uniquely designed to cater to every couple’s distinctive tastes and offer disability user-friendliness allowing for ease of access for couples of all ages. The Old Dungeon Ghyll in Great Langdale might sound daunting, but there is nothing spooky about this hotel. The Cartford Inn also boasts a River Lounge in which guests can have breakfast in a building that is situated alongside a river. This tranquil view, accompanied with fantastic homely, yet sophisticated meals, allows for the perfect opportunity for couples to bond over a meal. Add an intimate conversation and all couples will be satisfied. Whether you’ve been with your partner for years, or you’ve just started dating in the North West, the relaxed environment is suitable for all. Tucked in front of a small mountain, this hotel is a snug establishment welcoming to locals and visitors, offering intimate quarters for the ideal romantic weekend.

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Special Spa Getaway

If the countryside inns and castles are less suited to your taste, you can rest assured because the North West has many luxurious hotels and spas to offer. Not only does a hotel with a spa say total relaxation, but it also oozes a romantic aura like no other. The Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa in Liverpool houses the best facilities you could ask for in a blissful getaway date weekend. From a grand dining area to gorgeous green gardens and spa treatments, you and your partner will want for nothing. This facility boasts an incredible sixty-two deluxe suites that accommodate all of your romantic needs. The Thornton Hall and Spa also makes a special exception for those business orientated couples who need to work but also want a loving escape. This hotel has various corporate rooms and halls that allow guests to slip away quickly to take a business call or reply to emails. For an added option to your luxury getaway, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and Spa, also in Liverpool, is a spacious and clean-cut hotel that holds a high reputation for its hotels around the world. The grandeur of its exterior is as inviting as the amenities provided inside. As a couple staying at this hotel, your every need will be met while you enjoy the health benefits of the spa and turn your focus to your passionate weekend together.

A romantic weekend with your partner should be nothing less than countryside perfection. The North West of England is home to an endless variety of divine destinations so every couple will find a spot that was made for them. The fresh air of the countryside, the views of the Lake District and the various atmospheres each environment creates will work wonders on your personal wellbeing and your love life. After your stay, you will feel refreshed to return to your daily life together with a weight lifted off your shoulders and the lingering love in the air.

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