How to Get Mega Travel Discounts to Travel Further and Longer for Less

There’s a popular saying which has been circling around social media platforms for a while now, that being “If travelling was free, you’d never see me again!” I’m pretty sure that’s true for a lot more people than those who openly admit this, but this only serves to bring to light just how expensive travelling is, or rather, how expensive travelling can be and how expensive it is commonly perceived to be.

Travelling really doesn’t have to be expensive at all though. You just have know exactly where and how to look for the flight tickets you buy and for the accommodation you want to book, wherever it is the airwaves are leading you. You can make effective use of travel discounts which will help you travel much further and be away enjoying your travels for longer, while you experience a lot more of each of the destinations you visit.

Discounts from Multi-Discipline, Specialist Travel Companies

Look it’s very easy for anyone who is looking to get away to just head on over to their favourite search engine and type in “travel discounts.” You’ll get tonnes of discounts alright, but none to the tune of those which will really see you extending your travels as a result of some mega, mega savings in travel expenses. If you want real discounts that will see you travelling further for longer, you have to use the discounts search platforms of those companies which are extensively involved in the travel industry – you have to use the discounts search platforms of companies like eDreams Odigeo, a Luxembourg-based company which has an extensive footprint in the entire process that has to do with travelling, from booking tickets, flights and accommodation to renting cars and even the marketing side of things. Find out more about discount with eDreams here.

Choose Your Travel Times Smartly

How do you think the aforementioned travel companies get their discounts from airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc, which they then pass on to smart travellers who align themselves with these companies? It’s a simple matter of having the right information, even though these companies naturally have access to some of this information which is more of a privileged nature.

To your end however, it’s a simple matter of taking the time to acquaint yourself with the cycles in which the travel industry seems to operate, particularly with regards to high and low seasons. These cycles aren’t exclusive to seasons of the year – they can play out during the typical month. For example, if you use your favourite online discounts search platform on a Tuesday, with that Tuesday occurring somewhere in the middle of the month as opposed to searching for discounts at the end or at the beginning of the month, you’ll naturally be in line to benefit out of more discounts and bigger ones as well.

The simple logic goes back to the principle of supply and demand – prices are that much higher and closer to market related values when everybody is looking to jump on a flight and book a hotel. As mentioned, this period of peak demand usually occurs towards the end and the beginning of each month, so too over weekends.

But now when there is less demand at a hotel and occupancy rates are a lot lower than what they usually are, does that take any of that hotel’s rooms away? No it doesn’t. The same applies for airlines that have invested in aircraft fleets which contain some of the biggest of these aircraft in existent today. A lesser demand during the week and during the midway point of the typical month doesn’t make for less seats in the plane.

Therefore when one is armed with this information they can take advantage of the fact that airlines and hotels would respectively rather sell a seat and a room for up to less than half its normal price if it means that that seat or room will be occupied instead of sitting empty.

So if you’re smart about when you travel and bring that together with searching for discounts in a smart way, you can definitely travel a lot longer and get a lot further with your travels for a lot less.

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