Holiday Travel in Coronavirus Times: 10 Safety Tips

Going on holiday?

The Holidays are coming up and, if you are anything like me, you are excited and worried at the same time.

If you’re travelling by air, keep your mask on nearly all the time, especially when other passengers take theirs off to eat or drink.

With the holidays around the corner, many of us are eager to travel to family or to take that much-needed winter vacation. For many years now, I have lived by 10 simple rules to help you avoid illness while travelling. These are the pre-emptive measures I take to help avoid the flu and other annoying viruses that can be caught by fellow passengers.

When travelling you should be extra-careful, especially when you are on an airplane. Stay well hydrated before and during risk moments. For instance: I do not drink anything other than a single glass of water on an airplane, even if it is offered before boarding, and certainly not if I need to urgently go to the bathroom and don’t have a glass in my bag. Avoid crowded places, like casinos, stadiums, concert halls and so on. You can make use of alternative means provided. For example, you can utilize the online casinos which offer a no deposit bonus. You can also choose to stream sporting activity or shows online.

1. Flush and wash your hands frequently, especially after coughing or sneezing. Alcohol-based sanitizer is effective against Coronaviruses but only when you use lots of it.

2. Don’t drink tap water overseas, or drink only bottled water. Coronaviruses are transmitted by contaminated water, including ice. Whenever I buy ice in a restaurant I request the cup first, dump the ice into a new cup, then pour the beverage into it.

3. Watch the mouth share settings on airplanes and on hotel pillows. Most of the time, sick passengers, unaware of their own infections, will not change their own masks and may share mouth pieces or tissues that are close to their mouth.

4. Avoid shaking hands, especially with short sleeves. The flu and other airborne viruses can be transmitted via contact, although it’s not the most common mode of transmission.

5. When getting on the plane, remove your jewellery, change your outer clothing, and pack all your liquids in small containers in a plastic bag or carry-on bag.

6. If possible, be seated in the last row of the airplane. The last rows are the least susceptible to flu because they are usually the middle seats that have the most interaction with passengers.

7. Don’t put aluminium foil on your mask. When someone takes off their mask, they may breathe into the mask causing you to acquire the virus.

8. If you are sick, please, don’t travel by plane. There are flight crew at airport hubs to see if sick passengers can disembark and others can get on the flight, but if the flight crew does not know you are sick, they can’t help you get off the plane.

9. Wash your hands before eating. Sounds obvious, but I never forget to do this. I also clean the trays in the back of the airplane when leaving the airport.

10. Wear tight band aids around your wrist and under your arms. If you develop a fever, these provide a place for doctors can take your temperature.

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