Hotel Etiquette for Pets

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Pet lovers across the world hate the thought of leaving pets behind in kennels when they go on holiday. Kennels can’t give the level of care and concern that pets are used to at home, and owners are aware of the potential for the emotional distress their pets may suffer while in kennels. But these worries can be a thing of the past. Today, one just needs to do a little research on the internet to find the best pet-friendly hotels in their chosen destination. One might be pleasantly surprised to find their favourite establishments, catering to this very need.

Many hotels across the globe brand themselves pet-friendly, with most of these hotels offering treats and toys and facilities to lodge pets in the rooms free of charge. But there are a few hotels that make extra effort to make the experience as pleasurable for your pet as it will be for you. While there are certain benefits to having your beloved pet with you at your holiday destination, you also have certain responsibilities if you decide to bring your pets along.

It is very important to ask a hotel for a written copy of any pet policies it might have. For example, they may require your pet to have flea treatments before your stay. The last thing any hotel wants is to have to call in Ohio pest control or similar services in their area to rid themselves of a flea infestation. The following is a general guideline of what is expected at most hotels/accommodation.

Certain hotels have limitations on the number of pets you can bring along and limits on the weight of each pet.

Some hotels only allow one kind of animal, such as dogs. Dog friendly hotels are pretty plentiful and can be found pretty easily.

Certain hotels have rules of the time limits the pet can stay in the room. The rest of the time, the pet must stay in the hotel’s kennel.

Hotels sometimes have ‘Leash Policies’. This requires your pet to be leashed in certain areas or at certain times in the hotel’s grounds.

There are some unspoken rules about pets on the furniture in the rooms. Take responsibility for the care of furniture and respect the hotel’s furnishings.

All pet-friendly hotels have designated areas for the pets to relieve themselves. It is the responsibility of the guest to take their pets to these areas when they get nature’s call.

Common courtesy about pet behaviour, if your pet is aggressive make sure to keep them on the leash and away from other animals. If they bark a lot, either request an isolated room or consider private accommodation.

Keep on top of basic pet hygiene and ensure vaccinations are up to date.

Guests must also make sure that they do not bathe their pets in the hotel bathtubs.

Some hotels provide emergency food, waste disposal bags and even pet grooming services for your beloved best friend. Veterinary care and walking services may also be provided.

Guests must also make sure that their pets’ paws are clean of dirt and sand before they enter the hotel.

Although some pet-friendly hotels in the UK are very understanding and flexible as far as your pets are concerned, others are more rigid about their policies. Before taking your pet along on holiday, it is your responsibility to clarify any policies and expectations regarding your pet. This will make sure that your trip is equally enjoyable for you and your most precious family member.

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