Hotel or Airbnb; Which Should You Choose?

If you’re looking to get away for the summer after eighteen months of being trapped inside, you may be looking to splash out a little more than you usually would – whether this be grabbing yourself a first-class flight and enjoying the extra space or spending a bit more than you usually would on accommodation. In recent years, there has been a struggle between hotel chains and Airbnb in capturing tourists, with the former often coming out on top, but if you’re looking to spend more for a hotel room, what features make it more worthwhile, and why should you consider choosing a hotel over an Airbnb?

On-site facilities – Perhaps the biggest benefit available at hotels is the wide number of on-site facilities they have that aren’t present if you rent an Airbnb – whether this be from a gym, a downstairs lobby and bar, or in some instances other entertainment options like casinos if you aren’t able to play online sites just like these which are amongst the most favourite. This is something that continues to set hotels apart from other services, and if you are looking to splash out a little more then you’re certainly going to be able to find somewhere that ticks all of your boxes for the optional extras.

Easy access to transport links ­– Whilst it can sometimes be a little more on the expensive side particularly if the transport options are partnered with the hotel, it does making getting around much easier if you’re not able to seek out all of the best options ahead of time. Similarly, you’ll be able to find some of the best locations to travel to through local recommendations at the hotel, and again whilst also not the most budget friendly from time to time, you can certainly  find some hidden gems through asking, and have the opportunity to converse with the staff at the hotel about great options in the local area.

All inclusive makes your day-to-day much easier – There’s nothing quite like going on vacation and not having to worry about anything, and all-inclusive hotels certainly deliver on this – not having to cook your meals or worry about what to buy at the shop is certainly stress relieving on its own, and whilst there are very few Airbnb’s that do have this offer, largely those that are part of shared space or larger chain, it’s something you’ll certainly find more of at a hotel. If you are spending a little more, take advantage of all of the optional extras you can get here, and make your vacation as stress free as possible whilst often enjoying some great food and drink options too.

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