How To Effectively Utilize Airline Miles

In the eyes of every traveller, especially those who take the airways on a regular basis, frequent flyer miles are financially beneficial. However, it is important to use these flyer miles correctly so you can save a lot of money.

Many people have frequent flyer miles and are not sure how to use them. In fact, so many people are confused by them; not knowing their value or worth. There are various things you have to do to get the most out of your travel miles or points. Kensington escort reviews indicate that some clients might use their travel points to take girls out of the country and on a weekend trip or overnight trip as part of the session.

Once you accumulate these miles, you must know how to spend them well. Let’s see if we can decode airline miles and show you how they should be utilized for the most benefit. However, first, let’s explain what frequent flyer miles are.

What Are Frequent Flyer Miles?

Frequent flyer miles are also known as airline miles as well as travel points. They are part of a loyalty program, which the airline or credit card companies offer. Usually, miles are accumulated based on the amount of money you spend to purchase your airline tickets or the amount of money you spend when using your credit card. When the miles are accumulated, then you can use them to purchase your airline tickets.

Some people misunderstand the word miles,’ thinking that it is the number of miles travelled during each flight. But, this is not the case. These airline miles are part of a loyalty reward program where the miles or points are received because you bought something on your credit card. The accumulation of these points gives you the freedom to purchase airline tickets. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to use your credit card to buy airline tickets. The points or miles would do that for you.

The Different Options

There are some key differences between obtaining miles through the airline and through the credit card company. In the world of airline miles, you can receive travel points in two ways. You can do so when you sign up for the frequent flyer mile program that the airline offers. You can get it when you sign up for the reward miles program that the credit card company offers.

There are some credit cards that all airlines accept while other credit cards can only be used on certain airlines. However, they both have their pros and cons. Regardless of that, the good thing is that you have the ability to use them both simultaneously.

The Loyalty Program

Every airline offers its own frequent flyer miles program known as its loyalty program. These programs are always free. You can accumulate travel miles; just by how often you fly with that particular airline or its partners. At the time of signing up for one of their loyalty programs, you will be given an account number, which you would use each time that you purchase an airline ticket.

These programs are quite straightforward. You earn the travel miles for each flight taken and then once you have enough travel miles to buy a specific airline ticket, you would redeem the miles and fly for free on the airline or with the partners. As long as you have use of your account and you use it occasionally to purchase airline tickets, the miles won’t expire. There are some steps that you can take so your credit card rewards do not expire.

Accruing Points

First of all, are you aware of your expiration date, if you have one? Not all credit card companies manage their reward program in the same way. The airline miles you accumulate after using a credit card might work somewhat differently than the points you earn for regular purchases. In most cases, you earn your airline miles by using your credit card to make various purchases.

The value will depend on the specific credit card or the credit card company. Like all reward programs on credit cards, you have to think about the annual fees. The fact that your credit card might be used more frequently for purchasing items instead of directly purchasing airline tickets for reward points, it is safe to say that it would be easier to rack up points by using your credit card.

Choosing Credit Card for Travel Miles

Do you know how to choose the right credit card to accumulate and use travel miles? Once you have to travel a lot, you should secure a frequent flyer miles account with your airline and a loyalty program with your credit card company.

Most credit card companies offer bonus miles as a reward for using the card for any purchase and so if it is free, why not? However, choosing their right credit card can be a little tricky. The ideal rewards card is usually the airline with a ‘hub’ at a specific airport locally. It could also be the airline that you use to travel frequently.

However, if you have no favourite airline or favourite destination, the credit cards allowing you to utilize points for travelling through different partners like Capital One Venture or Chase Sapphire can be the help you need to maximize and redeem your potential rewards.

Keep Account Active

These credit cards typically offer the best sign up bonuses; allowing you to earn a lot more points once you spend a specific amount on purchases using your credit card. However, you have to be part of the rewards program with an account. Make sure that once you purchase something using your credit card, you pay your monthly premium on time, if you want to continue using the card for the rewards program and travel points. This will keep your account active.


One thing to note is that you should book your flights directly on the airline website and not through a third-party website like Expedia because you won’t get to earn those points for future travel. Your account will provide all the details of your rewards program and travel points. Be sure to log in frequently to maximize your rewards and frequent flyer miles.

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