How to Find a Luxury Hotel on a Budget

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, all travellers deserve to enjoy a little luxury during their stay. Booking the right hotel is undoubtedly one of the chief priorities. After all, it is your temporary home and will establish the entire foundation of the trip. However, great accommodation doesn’t need to break the bank. We here at National Hotels are all about securing value for money. Here are some great tips to help you get the best hotel at the best price.

Try Groupon And Wowcher

Third party platforms like the two above often offer a variety of different deals on various hotels in different cities. Given that it only takes a couple of minutes to search those platforms, you should always try them first. Of course, you will be relying on the luck of the draw. Then again, you can find some truly amazing deals, so it’s always worth looking. You never know what you might find.

Use A Price Comparison Site

If Groupon and Wowcher aren’t any good, use a price comparison site. Let’s face it; saving 20 is pointless if it takes you five hours to find the right deal. A price comparison will show you the best deals in a matter of seconds. Using websites that provide price comparisons can always help you in getting good hotels at a cheaper price, which you may normally would have got at a higher rate. In case, you want to use price comparison websites to your advantage, you can find out how here. However, those agencies will store cookies on your device, and that could result in a slight price increase as they take their cut. Use your smartphone for research, and then use a laptop to complete the booking directly through the chosen hotel.

Look For New Hotels

Another top trick is to look for new hotels. Often these places won’t appear on every search engine and booking service. As such, there’s a good chance that it will take them a few months to become established, which could mean greater availability. Besides, a lot of new places will run special promotions as they look to build that reputation. Above all else, you’ll often find that the staff has even greater commitment to providing a great stay.

Choose Small Hotels

There’s a reason that the Hilton Hotel chains are popular, but you will need to pay for it. Luxury isn’t simply about the quality of service and facilities. Sometimes, the personal touches make all the differences. As much as those national and global organisations are great at what they do, the unique vibe is often far greater in a small venue. After all, family run businesses are in it for the love as much as the money.

Stay On the Outskirts

Let’s face it; a five-star hotel in central Manchester will cost more than a five-star hotel that’s five miles away from the city centre. OK, you may need to use some of those savings on taxi fares. However, if you intend to spend most of your time in the hotel, that sacrifice is well worth making. Ultimately, it’s about weighing up the pros and cons of service against location.

Consider Spas

Staying in a spa can be very expensive when you opt for all the different treatments. That is essentially where they tend to make big money. However, that does offer an opportunity to find quality accommodation on the cheap. As long as you can resist those procedures, and stick to the free facilities, you’ll be amazed at the deals you can achieve. Even if you treat yourself to one or two, you will probably still save money to other options.

Think About The Time Of Year

It might not always seem fair, but the fluctuation in prices between different months can be huge. Peak times, especially school holidays, will often cost a premium. Conversely, choosing a trip at a time when business isn’t as fast can cut the costs. Try to avoid big sports events too – unless that is the purpose of your stay.

Think About The Time Of Week Too

An even greater fluctuation comes between staying during the week and weekend. Obviously, weekends are often more popular so those short stays will be more expensive than doing it in the week. In fact, it can sometimes be cheaper to stay for a whole week rather than four days over the weekend. It’s always worth considering your options.

Break The Trip

In contrast to this idea, you could also look at breaking the trip into shorter trips. If a hotel is offering a special deal on short stays, a group booking could break it into several trips. For example, you could book the first few days while your partner books the final few days. It may mean moving room, but those 10 minutes of hassle could save you a serious amount of money. If luxury on a budget is your priority, this is a great option.

Value Testimonials

The star rating of a hotel gives you an indicator. But you’d be very foolish to believe that it’s the only barometer worth considering. Customer testimonials on TripAdvisor and other platforms can often give you a far greater insight. In any cases, a three or four-star hotel with great reviews may be a better option. It’ll almost certainly be the cheaper.


When travelling with a group of friends, opt for rooms with more people. The difference in cost between rooms for two people and three people are often minimal. However, the cost per person is certainly significant. Apart from the better value for money, it can also result in increased fun. After all, it can get a little boring if you have a room all to yourself.

Use The Phone

Most people tend to book through the internet, mainly because it feels easier. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than speaking to someone and asking what deals are available. Whether it’s the hotel directly or through a travel agent, this could show you a deal that would have previously escaped your knowledge.

Embrace Special Offers

Did you know that your could save money on hotel bookings simply due to your profession? Well, you can. Moreover, members of certain organisations can often secure a discount too. Even if it’s only a 10% saving, that leaves you more money to enjoy other elements of the trip. If you don’t ask you get, so it’s always worth researching before you book.

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