Luxury Hotels

Top 5 Boutique Hotels to stay in Rome

20th January 2020 Simon 0

Any traveller whose accommodation preference has them looking up boutique hotels suggests that their focus is more on quality and authenticity than many other considerations. A city with as rich a history as Rome would […]


Top 7 Best Backpacks for Your Next Road trip

6th November 2019 Simon 0

There’s nothing like hitting the road with your friends and adventuring to new places! Traveling has even been shown to have awesome benefits like decreased stress, better sleep, and improving physical health. When traveling, however, […]

Luxury Hotels

Recreating the Resident Casino Hotel Feel

4th May 2019 Simon 0

If you’ve ever had the experience of visiting traditional casino hotspots such as Macao or Las Vegas, or indeed if you’ve enjoyed something like a road-trip to a casino resort, it makes the kind of […]

Tips & Advice

Benefits of Renting a Convertible on Vacation

3rd December 2018 Simon 0

The quality of experience you enjoy on your vacation relies on several factors, efficient transportation being one of the most crucial. The best way to ensure efficient and convenient transportation is by getting a rental […]


Why Egypt Pyramids Attracts Tourists

23rd November 2018 Simon 0

The main reason for visiting the country is the legacy of its history that links to ancient Egypt and the opportunity to travel the colossal pyramids of the country. Also known for its leaders or […]

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