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Why You Should Consider a Hotel Investment

15th November 2016 Simon 0

In today’s arduous financial climate, it is more important than ever to invest your money wisely. With many receiving little return on their savings due to interest rate cuts in the face of Brexit, it […]

Scotland Hotels
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The Best Historic Hotels in Scotland

6th October 2016 Simon 0

Scotland has a remarkable history, which is often celebrated and remembered through their remarkable buildings. We here at National Hotels have therefore chosen to take a look at the best historic hotels in the brave […]

London Luxury Hotel
Luxury Hotels

The Most Stylish Cities to Visit

4th October 2016 Simon 0

Here at National Hotels, we are all about style. Whether it’s the latest gadgets, the best high street looks or the most fashionable places to visit, you can trust we will love it. For this […]

London Luxury Hotel
Luxury Hotels

5 Luxury Themed Hotels in London

15th September 2016 Simon 0

Themed hotels don’t have to be tacky, which the following hotels have proved and then some. In fact, they often have the ability to transport guests to another world, whilst ensuring they enjoy an experience […]

Travel Tips

How to Travel in Style

25th July 2016 Simon 0

There is no better feeling than knowing you have an amazing break right in front of you, but the experience can sometimes be overshadowed by the journey. If money is no object, there are things […]

Old People Travel
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5 Reasons Retirees Should Travel

16th June 2016 Simon 0

It would be a sin to look back on the final years of your life and realise you have few memories to choose from. However, you are never too old to create wonderful moments you’ll […]

The Perfect Hotel
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What to Look for in the Perfect Hotel

23rd May 2016 Simon 0

Many travelers often select hotel based on its interior or price; however, there are other things to consider when booking a break away. We here at National Hotels are therefore sharing are experience to help […]

Travel Tips & Advice
Tips & Advice

10 Travel Tips You Need to Know

2nd April 2016 Simon 0

Travel broadens the mind. Whether you are travelling the world or within your own country, there are so many amazing cultures and opportunities just waiting to be explored. To help you on your merry way, […]

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