Planning Your Move to France from the UK

Though similar in some ways as Western European countries are, the UK and France are really rather different when it comes to living in one after the other. They boast different climates, different cuisines, different cultures, different languages and different laws. This is the reason why it is important to properly plan your move to France before making any long-lasting decisions.

Though the majority of people have visited France a few times or more before moving there, there’s much more that can be done to ensure you are properly prepared for your relocation.

Moving to France? Do Your Research!

There are lots of things that need to be researched before you make any final decisions about your move to France, and all the information you find will help you to make an educated decision that is right for you. This includes things like how to get a visa by looking at information from places like Mayfair Immigration, what kind of insurance you need, plus a variety of other important things. We recommend visiting Anglo Info’s Moving to France section for a complete breakdown of what you need to consider. Everyone has different requirements and different plans when they move, and knowing all the information you need will help you to make your move to France the best it can be.

1) Location

Thoroughly research the location you are moving to. Whether it is a big city you are familiar with or a small town, the more you know about where you are moving to the better.

2) Laws

France has many laws that are different to those we have in the UK, and vice versa. Though many of the foundation laws are the same – as they are across a large percentage of the EU – it is helpful to know as much as you can about small legal issues such as when you are liable to pay a parking fine and what are the drink driving limits. In the UK specifically, if you get caught driving over the limit, it is very likely that you will find yourself in a whole heap of trouble, and that’s before having to deal with the repercussions of your actions. It is possible that you could receive points on your license or you may even be banned, which as you can imagine isn’t good news for the cost of your insurance. As such, looking for an affordable car insurance with points plan may be your only hope at being able to pay for your insurance so you can continue driving on the road. Knowing what these rules are will be a big advantage to you before making the move. These are things that we are unknowingly aware of in the UK, but may differ in France.

3) Taxes

If you are working in France you must pay tax, in the same way, you would if you were working in the UK. However, tax returns, tax relief, and tax thresholds are different abroad. Knowing how much tax you are required to pay and when can ensure you pay the correct amount and on time, to avoid any problems further down the line. If you’re not sure about how much tax you’ve to pay, you could check on this website (Elitax) to know more about it.

4) Schooling

If you are relocating with children it is advised to research the French schooling system as schools in France do differ from those in the UK. International schools are popular with those who are moving from the UK with children who only speak English, whereas some do prefer to enroll their children into a French-speaking school. Understanding the pros and cons of both can be immensely helpful.

Moving to France Checklist

To get the ball rolling quickly, check out this quick fire checklist of things to consider when moving to France, it’s a great place to start when it comes to researching your move abroad. Not only does research and knowledge help with the practicalities of the move, but it also helps you to be confident in the (big!) decisions you make. Best of luck with your move and au revoir.

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