Pre-Road Trip Car Tips

As the summer is slowly approaching, people are starting to make plans for an epic road trip, researching where to drive to, planning a route, shopping for provisions that might be necessary for the trip and more. Although these are all essentially the most important thing to prepare for your road trip is your car. During your road trip, you are going to be spending most of the time in your car so you need to make sure that it is up to that task. You need to make sure you have all the correct equipment for bringing your belongings such as a roof box if you have a smaller car or a truck bed cover if you have a pickup truck such as the Dodge Ram. If you go here you can find a selection of high-quality covers that help protect any belongings that you put in the back of your truck whilst driving but also when you’re parked up. Of course, storage is not the only thing worth considering. This post is aimed at families and groups of friends that are considering going on a road trip this summer and the purpose is to educate them on the important things involved with going on a road trip.

The first and best way to make sure that your vehicle is up to the task is to take it to a mechanic that’ll check every aspect of the car to make sure that it is in perfect working condition. If you were going this route you should try to get this done at least a week before you plan to go on your road trip. This way, if anything unforeseen comes up you can address it before you are due to head out on your road trip. In some cases, it might be considered easier to buy a new car that you know can handle going on an across country road trip, if your previous car is not up for the job. In this situation, individuals might find it easier to use online resources such as an invoice price calculator or a price comparison website to assist them in purchasing a car that could be within their budget for a road trip car. For those who are taking their old car on the road here are some essentials that might need to be checked before you set off:


It is important to check your motor oil, coolant, brake fluid, gearbox and diff oil. You should remember to check these before you leave the house and not on the side of the road when you have already set off. If you have not changed your oil in the last 3000 miles this would be the perfect opportunity to change it. You should also remember to bring extra oils and fluids just in case you need it.

Two-way Radios

If you are driving in a group it might be a clever idea to invest in two-way radios. Not only are they a fun and safe alternative to mobile phones you can immediately contact the other drivers to let them though it there are any problems or if you need to pull over.

Warning Lights

To prioritize things you must do before you set off on your road trip, you can turn on your engine and focus on the flashing warning lights. Address all the issues and then start the engine again to make sure that the car recognizes that all the issues have been addressed. For example, the airbag system light could be on for some reason, so it is better to learn more about it and sort the issue before starting the trip.

Tyres and Spares

Most people forget the check their own tyres and spares before they set off on long trips. You should check to make sure that the tyres are properly inflated and the tyre pressure is up to standard. Make sure that your spare tyres are up to code and you have all the equipment required to change your tyres if you need to. You should also consider a mobile tyre fitting service in case you run into any unexpected problems you can have a team of fitters come out to your location at any time.

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