Ranking Holiday Accommodation Types

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Ask any seasoned traveller and they’ll tell you that when they refer to their holiday accommodation as a “hotel,” they’re not necessarily talking about the traditional, sky-scraping type chain hotel which has a concierge service and the works. “Our hotel” could refer to any form of accommodation really and it often does.

We’ve endeavoured to rank the different types of holiday accommodation options based on what they have to offer the holidaymaker, but perhaps we might come across as a little bit biased against the traditional hotels. This is only because many other forms of accommodation are making for a very strong case to completely take over the traditional hotel, mainly due to their growing ability to match all which a traditional chain hotel has to offer at less than half the price, in some instances.

#1 – Holiday Cottage

Okay, so actually holiday cottages as the best type of holiday accommodation just edged backpacker’s hostels mainly because of one major advantage they always boast over hostels, that being their location. In terms of amenities, the best holiday cottage more than holds its own against something like a five-star chain hotel and yet a holiday cottage manages to deliver all the amenities offered at a hotel for a lot less. Now, take, for example, rental places such as these Turks and Caicos villas are sought after for their warm tropical climate, calm azure waters, excellent fine dining, endless activities, and most of all, the incredible beaches.

#2 – Backpacker’s Hostel

So backpacker’s hostels, otherwise known as backpacker’s or hostels come a close second to holiday cottages because at the best of times, you can get a private room in a hostel and lodge just like you would staying at a holiday cottage. Hostels, however, do have the disadvantage in comparison to holiday cottages of their location, which is often right in the middle of a city somewhere or on the outskirts of a major metro area.

#3 – Hotel

Good old hotels still harbour their upmarket, posh charm and they continue to thrive as a favourite holiday destination place of lodging because they offer that what-you-see-is-what-you-get type accommodation. Everything is practically done for you, leaving you to enjoy your holiday completely, but you do essentially pay for all the amenities available, even if you don’t necessarily make full use of all of them. There are thousands of these to choose from worldwide as well, such as The Brando Tetiaroa and many others in luxury locations. This means you can have a large selection of hotels to choose from.

#4 – Holiday Resort

Look, if the parameters used to rank holiday accommodation types were a little different since they are indeed subjective, the holiday resort might perhaps have ranked first. At best a holiday resort offers absolutely everything every other accommodation type featured on this list offers, except a holiday resort comes at a hefty, hefty price. Holiday resorts are known to cost even more than five-star hotels, so that’s playing in the luxury accommodation space, and then some!

#5 – Camping Area

Case in point about the parameters switching things around – if you’re a lover of the great outdoors you might perhaps have put a camping area first or second, but because the likes of the glamping craze are gaining in popularity, the general feeling is that camping, as cheap as it is by way of accommodation, is more of a niche experience not specifically suited to just any type of holidaymaker who is looking for some comfortable accommodation.

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