Recreating the Resident Casino Hotel Feel

If you’ve ever had the experience of visiting traditional casino hotspots such as Macao or Las Vegas, or indeed if you’ve enjoyed something like a road-trip to a casino resort, it makes the kind of imprint on your mind that will have you yearning for more. That kind of experience just never seems to get old, but with more and more physical casinos giving way to online casinos, the consideration of online casinos naturally forms part of any good plan to try and recreate that feeling of visiting a resident casino hotel.

It’s about more than just bringing your laptop along so that you can enjoy some casino fun in your hotel room though. There are some other elements to consider if you truly want to recreate that exact feeling you get when visiting a casino venue and staying at the resident hotel.

The hotel type

While destinations which are concentrated with casinos such as Las Vegas definitely have some budget accommodation options available, if you’ve actually stayed at the official resident hotel of the casino-and-hotel you’re frequenting, you will know all too well about the high standards of quality. We’re talking here four or five star hotels, so the first step towards recreating that resident casino hotel feeling is to go premium in your choice of hotel.

The hotel could be as far away to anything that resembles a casino as can be, because you’re going to be the one bringing the “casino” to the venue.

In house recommendations and services

Hotels that are purely operational to house guests usually have quite lot of activities and service to offer, since they don’t have a specific focus like that of the casino they would be part of if they were indeed resident casino hotels. Often guests come to these casinos just for the main service of a bed in a room to sleep in, so they never really explore the additional services and recommendations on offer. This happens to such an extent that staff usually doesn’t even brief guests about these additional services, so make it your business to ask.

You never know what could be on offer, like how a certain in-house venue might be available for free use, for all guests.

Roping in other guests

Make sure to mingle with other guests when and where you can. Plenty of guests get bored in their rooms and would be just as happy as you’d be to perhaps be rounded up and enjoy some casino-like fun, which may or may not feature betting with real money. Use the recommended venue for which you might be granted free access, for instance.

Finally, the casino gaming fun

For some official casino fun to be brought into the hotel, the likes of NetBet casino comes to mind as a great option. Resist the temptation to play all alone in your room though, rather perhaps inviting some of the other guests to join you with their own devices, get some drinks flowing and have the hotel staff catering to what would effectively be a mini live casino event.

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