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Becoming a digital nomad is becoming increasingly popular, with 17 million people aspiring to be digital nomads in the future. According to research, 74% of workers would leave their current job to become a digital nomad and work for a company remotely.

Research also shows that 90 percent of digital nomad workers are really satisfied with their profession, and that travel is one of the finest ways to fulfil joy and satisfaction.

If you have a passion for art and design, business, software and personal development, and many other subjects, register with Digital Nomad World and begin your search on the presented courses we provide and the remote employment that we presently have advertised.

You might like to visit the wonderful island that is known as Bali, because of our remote work; this destination is perfect for digital nomads. There is a lot to see and to do, and it caters to everyone’s interests. With this city guide to ko pha ngan, you’ll find everything you need to be a satisfied digital nomad.

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