Romantic Getaway? How to Find the Best Hotel for a Couple

Holidaying as a couple is one of the most romantic things you and a partner can do. From gondola rides to settling down together and watching a sunset on the other side of the world, the options are endless. However, wherever you choose to go, accommodation is required. Whether you’re after something practical or something a little quirky, here’s our guide to finding the best hotels for a couple.

Search for the Best Deals

As obvious as this may seem, many of us tend to book on impulse, not fully looking into what the best (and cheapest) deal out there may be. Many websites, such as Travezi, constantly update their websites with the newest and best deals, offering bargains for stays in hotels across the world. With affordable hotels on the other side of the world, who knows where having a little surf could take you. Just type in your dream location… you never know how good a deal it could be!


Stick to your Price Range

After initially looking to only spend X amount on holiday, it’s easy for the budget to slide as you search through more and more lavish hotels. If you can afford it then that’s great, everyone deserves to treat themselves. However, if you want to holiday on a budget then make sure you stick to it – there’s nothing less romantic than a squabble over funds when you’re trying to enjoy your time away. Look around at how expensive the area you’re looking at is in general, and adjust the price range of the hotel accordingly. You could even use an online holiday budget calculator, saving you time and potentially money.


Location, Location, Location

You’ve just found an incredible deal on a beautiful hotel. It’s well within your price range, is at least 1* more than you’d expected, and it might even come with breakfast included plus it’s incredibly romantic. You can’t believe your luck. You book it because let’s face it, someone else will snap up this deal if you don’t, and then you look at the map, and it’s miles and miles away from the location you’d expect. Don’t let this happen to you. For example, if you are planning on visiting a place like Venice Beach, look for a Venice Beach Hotel that tends to be close to the destination than booking one near the California city itself. Also, when searching for a hotel make sure to set a maximum distance from your dream location. No one wants heavy taxi fares or blisters on holiday.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

With the hotel business being so competitive at the moment, many are offering additional offers when you book. From spa treatments for couples to tours of the local area, it can be a great way to spend time with your loved one without having to break the bank. Although it may sometimes cost slightly extra, it might end up being cheaper than going elsewhere. You can have a romantic getaway without having to even leave the building!


Don’t Let Your Imagination Hold You Back

Finally, just go wild! If your usual holiday location of choice is a cottage by the lakes, but it’s just not what you’re feeling this year, have a look further afield. You can compare the cheapest flights to locations all over the world with a couple of clicks of your mouse, and then see if there are any hotels which are also within your price range. Being able to travel for a low cost is no longer impossible, or even rare.

Use the internet and become holiday-savvy. You and your partner can now create memories all over the world without having to scrimp for the rest of the year. Combine romance and not having to save excessively… what more could you ask for?

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