Smart Holiday Planning to Avoid Extra Expenses

Unforeseen expenses are pretty much a standard part of any trip you’ll take, something which one comes to learn as they grow into a frequent traveller. I mean nobody leaves their home with their luggage in tow planning to pay more as part of some excess baggage charges they’re consequently levied with, something which happens more so when you’re returning from your destination since you naturally want to bring home some travel goodies such as souvenirs and perhaps some items from the duty-free shopping malls you’ll be passing through.

Doing everything in your power to avoid unnecessary, extra holiday expenses really only comes down to some smart planning, such as how you select your flights in the case of multiple legs. You need to leave enough time for you to transfer in time, in the same way that there has to be enough time left in case of a delay and the best way through which to do this is by either booking as many legs of the flight as you can with one airline or with the fewest number of airlines possible.

Booking with one airline will effectively transfer all responsibility to the airline should there be any delays.

You might also plan for exactly what you’re going to do in the case that you have to check-in early or late at your hotel, so too the mode of transport you’ll be using, mostly as an alternative to your primary mode in the event that things don’t quite go according to the original plan. Things have a knack for not going according to the original plan when you’re travelling, so you should know exactly who to contact should you need to invoke your Plan B.

If you’re going to be buying anything while on holiday, to avoid excess baggage charges you could perhaps have those goods couriered to your home if that works out cheaper than the excess baggage fees.

There are indeed some instances however when things happen in the complete opposite way in that you return from what is a very well-planned trip with loads of unused money, which is not to say you didn’t enjoy your trip to the fullest extent. It just happens sometimes that things work out a lot cheaper than what you anticipated, such as perhaps meeting up with some generous locals who essentially take you under their wing and make sure you have the time of your life without having to dig into your pockets any further.

That rarely happens though and it’s somewhat of an exception to the rule and so it isn’t something you should ever count on. You should take it as a welcome bonus if it ever happens.

Similarly, you might also come home to find that there are some channels you can pursue in order to get some or other form of rebate from your travels, such as liaising with flight delay compensation solicitors to potentially claim compensation for a delayed flight you might have had to endure, in which case the payout you could receive could be as handsome as a cool £500, give or take!

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