How to Store Your Car When Traveling on Business?

A business car proves to be a vital investment for your venture, especially when you frequently travel by car due to business. And now with software like MileIQ, you can even track your mileage for the car and your team (if they have separate business vehicles as well). But what about storage solutions for your car? Whether you travel frequently for business or pleasure, perhaps your greatest concern is the safe storage of your car. When you are leaving for a long period of time, you have to leave your car parked in the airport or at home. The changes in the temperature along with burglar risks pose a threat to your vehicle. Hence, it becomes all the more important to seek the benefits of auto vault and protect your car against any odds.

Remove your entire valuables from the car

When you are leaving your car behind in the parking vault for a long period of time, the very first thing that you must initiate is to remove all the valuable items from the car and store it somewhere safe in your home. Even there might be enough security around in the parking area, but it is better that you stay safe. You have to make sure that you remove the music players and any documents related to your car for extra security.

The trash must be cleaned

Before you leave for your business or pleasure trip and park your car, it is important that you clean all the mess in the car. Don’t leave any trash around, like fast food bags and rugs of unimportant documents. It is important to keep the interior of the car clean and healthy so that your vehicle doesn’t breed any germs and smells good and pleasant when you come back and drive back home in it.

Eliminate old receipts

To make things smoother and less confusing, you must ensure that your car is free from any kind of loose old receipts lying around in the car, especially in the back passenger seat. When you come back after your trip, there might be a whole lot of new receipts that are important. If the current receipts and documents get mixed with the old ones, things will be all messed up and there will be some real confusion.

Your car’s tank must be full

In case you have plans to leave your car for a long period of time, you have to make sure that the car’s tank is kept full. This is especially important during the cold months as you would not like any kind of residual air getting accumulated in the gas tank and letting it freeze. Adding a gasoline stabilizer can be a good decision as well. Furthermore, a full tank will give you a convenient ride back home, as you don’t have to stand in queue for filling the gas.

A thorough check up is a must

Before you safely store your car in an auto vault and leave for your destination, it is necessary for you to ensure that the car undergoes a thorough check-up. It is important to evaluate that the car you are leaving behind is in the best of conditions without any problems. In case, there are minor issues, you should get them fixed so that when you come back you don’t have to confront with a non-functional car.

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