The Horses That Rock the Gold Cup

In the equestrian world, there is no weekend as glamorous and thrilling as the Gold Cup. It hosts some of the best jockeys riding horses in the pink of their health to victory. The elite are always in attendance, as are the lovers of horse racing. The final day of the Cheltenham Festival brings you the Gold Cup Day which is as challenging as it is entertaining. People flock to these events in their droves hoping to see some action with maybe a bet or two on the side. It doesn’t come as a surprise that bookies are front and center ready to take on as many bets as possible, whether it be at the betting windows or using specific betting software for bookies that can keep them in charge of their bettors and their bets throughout the day. Horse racing has something for everyone, from spectators to participants.

The horses of the race

This could be the year, if Might Bite as the RSA Chase 2017 winner, goes on to headline this year’s event. Though Sizing John will be out of the race because of his injury, it is likely that Native River will go head-to-head with Might Bite for the cup. Let’s learn which horses could be making it big in this year’s race while they move all the way from Triumph Hurdle to the Grand Annual.

Might Bite

The undisputed favorite of the race, Might Bite is less of a horse and more of a machine that runs through every obstacle and finds its way to victory. He is topping all the ratings this year and if the New Course reigns well with him, he can definitely leave as the winner of the Gold Cup.

Our Duke

He has aptly been named as Our Duke, because this fancy horse is packed with excitement, endurance, and a great knack for the track. As he scores highly in stamina, he is a strong contender for this year’s cup. Even if he doesn’t win the race outright, it will be hard to leave him behind and reach the finish line.

Native River

One of the strongest contenders for the year, Native River could challenge Might Bite and put on a spectacular show for the audience. The horse came in third last year and with his great ability to move over hurdles and stay steady while overtaking other races, Native River could actually be the winner this year. It is going into the race as one of the favorites.


The horse is recovering from a seizure that some suggested could even end his racing career. However, looking at Edwulf, it appears that he is in great shape and ready for the race. If he brings his A-game to the race, he could turn out to be a fierce competitor.

Definitely Red

The number of his supporters has been growing steadily and that is because of the phenomenal energy he brings to the race. He has gained 9lb and on the day of the great chase, he could be turning heads too.

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