The Top 3 Places in the UK for Great Holiday Parks

Whether you live in the UK and just want to get away with the family or your partner for a few days, or you’re traveling abroad for fun and excitement, the UK has tons to offer holiday goers of all varieties.

There are quaint, peaceful, get-away options that let you connect with the UK’s natural flora and wildlife, upscale resorts that bring you luxury and relaxation with eye-catching views, and family-friendly parks that make for amazing bonding opportunities as you unwind with your kids and spouse.

If you’re looking to book a holiday park getaway in the UK, take a look at these top three options. They’re in no particular order, and each one will provide a stellar experience on your next visit.

1: Tattershall Lakes

Are you looking for a quaint, lake-side, getaway that really makes you feel connected with nature without making you sacrifice modern luxuries? Tattershall Lakes is the place for you.

Tattershall Lakes features a wide range of accommodations for groups of all sizes, and it features a country-living theme with log-style cabins along the lake, old-fashioned piers, and a multitude of facilities such as saunas, golf courses, and wildlife activity opportunities. All of this and more is nestled in a beautiful pine forest lending it an isolated feeling without forcing you to run away from society.

If the lake and other activities aren’t ideal for you, Tattershall Lakes also features several pools and splash zones that are fun for the whole family and kid-friendly.

Tattershall Lakes provides the perfect woodland getaway for all holiday goers; whether you and your partner want a romantic escape, or you want quality bonding time with your family, the quaint, natural atmosphere of Tattershall Lakes is a great choice for you.

2: Newquay Holiday Park

Located in Cornwall, the Newquay Holiday Park has a more modern theme, and it’s ideal for beach lovers and families.

The Newquay Holiday Park features 3 pools with various features that are great fun for adults and children alike, family-friendly accommodation with a modern flair, and play areas that will keep children occupied all day long. Paired with nearby wildlife activities, Cornwall’s local attractions, and high-quality dining opportunities near the park, Newquay is bound to impress.

However, its proximity to 11 different beaches is one of its main attractions. Beach lovers can enjoy short drives before settling into the best beaches in Cornwall, and some of them are even a brief walk from the holiday park.

3: Devon Holiday Parks

If you’re looking for Holiday Parks in Devon, look no further than Devon Holiday Parks. The base camp is located near the Woolacombe beach and Bristol Channel coves, and it’s separated into four parks that each have their own unique theme. More importantly, you gain access to all four parks for the price of one.

There’s a traditional campground park, the Golden Coast that features a multitude of indoor and outdoor pools, a family-friendly pool resort that’s a short and easy walk to a child-friendly beach, and the Woolacombe park that sits nestled on the sands of Woolacombe beach for easy access.

All of these parks are great opportunities for couples and families alike, and the four-for-one model means you can get a lot out of your holiday getaway without paying for multiple experiences.

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