Top 3 Things to Bring on Your Caravan Holiday

Caravan holidays are amazing opportunities to bond with your family and make priceless memories. There’s just something about getting out on the road, leaving stress behind, and spending quality time with one another.

However, it can quickly turn into a major pain if you leave anything behind.

Here’s a list of the top 3 things you should bring for caravan holidays in Devon. Don’t worry. We won’t fill the list with basic things that you’ll bring by default. We want to focus on things that are easy to overlook.

Kids Entertainment: 

Caravan holidays might be a great opportunity to bond, but have you ever been stuck in a confined space with a child for hours who has no sort of entertainment? The trip can quickly turn into a mix of doing your best to drive while trying to calm your anxious child down.

It is absolutely necessary to think of some sort of way to keep your kids entertained on the trip. Luckily, most kids are already using smartphones or tablets, nowadays. So, try to find games or apps that you approve of that they can play during the trip. If you’re not keen on your child using tech like that, invest in travel games such as small checkers sets and other games that can be played in a confined space.

Just remember to take the tech or other entertainment items away when it’s time for bonding time. You wouldn’t want them to spend the whole holiday stuck on their phones.


Basic Tools:

Even if you bring everything you need, your trip can turn sour if something breaks. If your caravan breaks down, or if one of the items you brought along breaks when you need it most, you’ll want to have the means to repair it on your own.

Keeping a basic set of tools in the vehicle to repair it after roadside mishaps is crucial. You can’t perform every repair on your own, but if you can patch a radiator hose, replace or patch a tire, and handle the basics, you’ll be a lot better off.

Also, consider bringing along a small laptop repair kit. These are inexpensive, and they typically contain all the bits and tools you need to repair technological devices such as game systems, laptops, small “household” electronics such as microwaves, and more.

Emergency Power:

What if your caravan’s battery dies, and you lose the ability to charge your phones and electronics, or you can’t run things such as your portable tire inflator and other must-have emergency tools? Bring a portable power source.

You can find these affordable priced on Amazon, and they’ll be able to do everything from charging several phones to operate a portable heater with ease.

Keep in mind that these tend to need to be pre-charged at an outlet, or you’ll have to buy a solar panel that is compatible with your unit. If you have a pre-charge unit, charge it before you go. If you have a solar-powered option, pre-charge it, and buy the solar panel that goes with it to top it off on the go.

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