Top 5 Boutique Hotels to stay in Rome

Any traveller whose accommodation preference has them looking up boutique hotels suggests that their focus is more on quality and authenticity than many other considerations. A city with as rich a history as Rome would naturally have its fair share of boutique hotels, each of which draw on this rich heritage to offer visitors a lodging experience unlike any other.

Here are the top five we’ve come up with, taking into account guest reviews – all things considered:

Torre Argentina Relais – Residenze di Charme

This is more like a guest house than a hotel, but more-than-qualifies as a boutique hotel. Torre Argentina Relais has an excellent location, with the Roman Forum making for an easy stroll of just under a kilometre. What that means is that many other popular sites, such as the Trevi Fountain, are an equal distance away.

Different types of rooms are available to suit every kind of traveller, along with a resident restaurant and cafe-bar.

Princeps Boutique Hotel

Excellently located on Piazza Dell’Esquilino, Princeps Boutique Hotel is as much of a favourite among solo travellers as it is among entire families travelling together. It’s mostly couples though who enjoy this location, which adds to the romance that comes with quick and easy access to the famed sunsets of Palatine Hill.

Nazionale 51 Group

This particular boutique hotel officially exists in the form of a bed and breakfast, located in Rione Monti to make for the perfect choice for travellers who are particularly interested in seeing the Roman ruins.

Only a 15-minute amble to the Colosseum, you’ll be coming back to en suite rooms with designer furniture and parquet floors.

Infinity Hotel

Infinity Hotel is the shopper’s dream boutique hotel, based on the popular high-fashion brands guests often come back with after some time out. It’s located a mere 10-minute walk from Villa Borghese Gardens, while the Rome Termini Train Station is just 2km away.

iQ Hotel Roma

Located in somewhat of a universally favourite part of Rome, iQ Hotel Roma is a great choice for visitors who want to get a good dose of the exploration of the city’s architecture, history and ruins.

Enjoy roof terrace views of the Opera House nearby to maintain that lingering feeling of being in the epicentre of where the authenticity of the Eternal City is contained.

This list should give you a push in the right direction with regards to where to stay in Rome, particularly if you’re looking for the authenticity that comes with boutique hotels. However, these will naturally not feature in every single traveller’s top five options, since you may be looking for a combination of factors which would have you picking a different boutique hotel, perhaps by neighbourhood, access to amenities, access to historical sites, specific things to do, etc.

All the best-rated boutique hotels are located just over 22 km away from the ancient theatre of Ostia Antica, for instance…

All things considered though, this is a pretty solid list of the best options.

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