Top five places to visit in China

China is the fourth most visited country on the planet, with only France, United States and Spain attracting more tourists in 2016.

With 5,000 years of culture and history China’s fascinating heritage, mouth-watering cuisine and modern cities has something for everyone.

Read on for our top five places to visit in China.

Great Wall of China

Yes, it’s a wall – but it’s a very impressive wall. For starters, it’s the only man made feature that can be seen from outer space.

Constructed during the reign of the first emperor of China, it is one of the most popular destinations in China.

This 3,000 mile long marvel is in the shape of a giant dragon and can be viewed on the shores of the Yellow Sea or in the Gobi desert.

Legend has it that there are corpses buried inside the wall, although this has never been proven.


One of the six ancient cities in China, Beijing boasts history, culture and beautiful scenery.

Visit the Forbidden City and discover the ancient imperial times of China, or head to the breathtaking Summer Palace and experience the life of people in Hutong area by rickshaw.

Use your winnings from the Chinese food slots to explore some of the city’s culinary delights, including the world famous Peking Duck Banquet and Acrobatic Show.

The Ancient Capital of Xian

This was China’s capital during the reign of its first emperor.

Nowadays you can visit the world famous Terracotta Warriors and other sculptures. Each warrior is unique because every terracotta clay statue is modelled after a different soldier.

The soldiers had to model for the sculpture or face death.

Yangtze River Valley

Many of the archeological wonders of this ancient river are disappearing due to the rising waters of the three rivers gorges dam.

Millions of Chinese people have relocated and numerous historical sites have been removed or been allowed to submerge.

The new river cruises of the valley explore the sites underwater rather than along the river banks, providing tremendous diving opportunities.

The Li River in Guilin

Generations of Chinese painters and poets have been inspired by the beauty of the Li River, using their skills to capture the jaw-dropping natural scenery.

It’s now popular with photographers or people seeking somewhere tranquil to chill out and relax.

America’s National Geographic Magazine listed the Li River as one of the ‘World’s Top Ten Watery Wonders’ and previous visitors have included former US President Bill Clinton and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

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