Top Sober Travel Agencies Around The World

For many people traveling for vacation consists of copious amounts of booze and a few other extracurricular activities. For those who are trying to live a sober life in recovery, perhaps having been to a rehabilitation facility like, these common expressions of freedom are not an option. Vacation can sometimes be a scary concept, but it does not have to be such a battle of will.

There are a plethora of sober-focused travel agents, agencies, and resort destinations that specialize in providing a drug and alcohol-free environment. Utilizing these resources will assure that vacation does not equal temptation. Check out a list of some of the best sober travel agencies and resorts around the world.

Sober Travel Agencies

California Sober Travel – This travel agency covers more ground than just California. Some of their most popular sober trips are a cruise along the Mexican Riviera and vacation homes along the coasts of Maui, Florida, and even the Mayan Riviera. The agency will even pair up lonely traveler in recovery to offer each other support while on the road.

Sober Vacations International – This agency’s mission is to assist addicts in expanding their comfort zone while on vacation in a sober and safe manner. Travel to Turks and Caicos for a sober vacation filled with meetings and meditation sessions. Other destinations include rafting trips through the Grand Canyon, golf trips in Utah, and a beautiful Alaskan cruise.

In This Life Custom Getaways – This travel agency will help plan all types of vacation trips, including safaris, custom cruises, and other unique getaways. They also help plan international 12-step tours for those in early recovery. They offer safaris in Kenya with a striking view of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Sober Retreats

Casa Hamaca – This retreat is a safe place for those addicts recovering from just about any type of addiction. It is located in Yucatan, Mexico and offers an endless provision of sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. There are regular recovery meetings within walking distance of the accommodations for those who need a little extra support during their stay.


Serenity Retreats – Serenity Retreats is located in Ireland on one of the most beautiful coastlines the world has to offer. For over 20 years, this family-run facility has specialized in providing relief for those struggling with addiction issues. The retreat offers guided meditation sessions on the beach, along with other small workshops throughout the stay.

Sober Cruises

Sober Cruises – Those looking for the experience of living life on the water for a week should check out Sober Cruises. This organization will make sure an addict’s vacation is lathered in recovery-centered activities. Destinations include Canada, Alaska, The Caribbean, and Catalina Island.

Sober Celebrations – This particular cruise organization does not cover addicts in meetings, but they focus more on having clean fun. A great place to meet others in recovery, this cruise ship company will take the fun up the Viking River, through the Alaskan glaciers, and around the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

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