How to Travel To Your Hotel In Style in 2017

With the New Year almost upon is, we can look back on 2016 as a strange year where many international events shook up the world. You may have also enjoyed some incredible trips in 2016, but why not ensure 2017 is even better? Visit that extra special place you’ve always wanted to go to, head off to somewhere new and exotic, or stay local and explore what your country has to offer. What’s it going to be?

One thing’s for sure, you’ll want to travel in style in 2017. It’s easier than ever to get from A to B thanks to the advent of the internet, cheap flights, apps, and a host of other pieces of software. So what can you do to ensure you travel in style next year? Here’s a handy guide to get you moving and shaking in the right direction.

Still wondering where to go in 2017? These 12 destinations may tip your location of choice in no time.

Book cheap flights

Securing cheap flights is something of an art form in this day and age. How do you go about it? In the past, people would use the likes of Teletext (if you’re old enough to remember this!) to painstakingly secure cheap holidays.

These days it’s a lot easier – with a smartphone or desktop computer, you can quickly and easily scour the internet or an app to find some pretty exceptional prices, saving you money as well as time.

So, which apps should you use? Skyscanner is a famous example, but this guide to the best flight search and booking apps from the Telegraph is an excellent way to download the best option for you and secure those amazing deals.

Getting to your hotel

It’s often an afterthought as part of a journey – how do you get to your hotel once you’ve landed? Luckily there are a whole host of services available to you.

One of the most liberating ways of travelling in a new country is to hire a vehicle, such as a car or even a van (if there are multiple holiday revellers amongst you). If this is the case, ensure your tyre pressures are at the right level when you arrive to ensure you have a safe and secure trip ahead of you. If you’re unsure how to do that, here’s a guide to checking your air pressures.

Pick the right hotel!

You can trawl around online looking for the best and cheapest hotel, or you can use a service such as SideStep, Google Maps, HotelTonight (a free app), Jetsetter, or to receive notifications on excellent hotel deals, last minute discounts, and a variety of other possibilities.

These apps aren’t just useful for holidays – they’re a brilliant bit of kit if you’re in business and constantly on the move. With these under your belt, you’ll quickly be able to secure great value hotels, which will save you money and also secure for you a comfortable place to stay. That’s the magic of the smartphone era for you.

Airbnb it

Alternatively, why not try out Airbnb? This is an online community of millions, with independent accommodation offers being made from kindly people from across the world – all at discount price. Simply check the ratings of the places you intend to stay to ensure they’ve had good reviews, and then you’ll be all set for a fantastic trip away.

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