If you have booked a hotel, the chances are you will want your hotel stay to be as relaxing as possible. We here at National Hotels are therefore offering some top travel tips for when you check into a hotel.

Ask for a Quiet Room

If sleep is very important to you, simply request a quiet room at the reception desk. The quietest rooms in a hotel can often be found on the top floor, away from all the noise of reception and the city streets, as well as other noisy guests. To avoid noise on the upper floor, ask for a room as far away as possible from the elevator to avoid passers-by or the bing of the lift.

Grab the Best Hotel Room

You’re bound to want to step inside the best room in the hotel. Sometimes you can grab the best room simply by asking the hotel if you can stay in their most recently renovated rooms, which hotels tend to update in stages so they can remain open.

What to Pack

There are some things the hotel won’t be able to help you with – such as the stuff you’ve packed in your case. For a truly enjoyable relaxing hotel stay, we here at National Hotels recommend investing in ear plugs to block out noise and maybe even your own pillowcase, if you have a specific type of pillow you like to use, perhaps a pillow for side sleepers.

Use the Do Not Disturb Sign

Before you go to bed, simply place the Do Not Disturb sign on the front of your hotel door. This will ensure no member of staff knocks on the door or you’re not disturbed by housekeeping, who could walk in when you’re planning a sleep in.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

If something has bothered you in the hotel, speak up. There is no point suffering in silence if the hotel can eliminate the problem, allowing you to actually enjoy your break away. If the walls are thin, ask to be moved to another room. If you require a service, request it from the reception team. The hotels will want you to have an enjoyable stay with them, so give them the opportunity to make it up to you.