What Puts the ‘Boutique’ in Boutique Apartment?

You might have seen boutique apartments advertised for short-term accommodation, but what exactly makes a boutique apartment ‘boutique’? It’s a word that’s borrowed from the boutique hotel trend, which emphasizes trendiness and luxury. Essentially, a boutique establishment services sophisticated or specialized clientele.

Here are just a few ways boutique serviced apartments are set apart.

Interesting Interior

If you visit a chain hotel or a large block of serviced apartments, you’ll generally find that each room looks identical to the rest. The bedding will be nondescript, the artwork cheap and insipid, the furniture picked up in bulk. In a boutique apartment, furnishings will be individually chosen for each room – accommodations follow something better than a cookie-cutter design philosophy.

Period Building

A boutique serviced apartment should look good from the outside as well as the inside. You won’t find them in dull, dirty buildings – instead, boutique apartments are usually converted from period houses. From the outside, you’ll take in stunning architecture and green spaces.

Fewer Guests

A block of serviced apartments needs to cater to as many guests as possible. With a boutique serviced apartment, the emphasis is far more on quality over quantity. Even if your building contains more than one serviced apartment, you’ll not be sharing the same roof as hundreds of other guests.

Luxury Amenities

Boutique suggests luxury, and boutique serviced apartments work hard to live up to the highest expectations. Your fully-fitted kitchen should benefit from high-end appliances, and your sheets should be of fine Egyptian cotton. When you look around your accommodation, you shouldn’t notice any signs of cut corners.

Fashionably Located

Boutique apartments are designed for discerning clientele who are after something more than a place to put their feet up at the end of the day. As such, most boutique serviced apartments are positioned in the most fashionable parts of town. That’s going to impress visitors, and it should mean you’re right next to the best local sites, bars, and restaurants.

Changing your standard apartment to a boutique apartment can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you want. Finding a splashback for your kitchen can really make your home look more modern.

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