Why Canada is Such an Underrated Travel Destination

Ask any traveller who has been to both the USA and Canada as part of their trip to North America and they’ll probably have something different to the common narrative to report. Because of the United State’s historic position as a political and economic superpower of the world, for reasons other than just tourism many people would still easily report preferring to travel to the US over Canada.

In this way, Canada is a grossly underrated travel destination, whether for pure tourism or for business, work, etc. There are a number of reasons for this.

Different political ambitions

One of the main reasons why Canada seems to have lagged behind its sister across the border to the south is indeed that of the fact that Canadians largely have different political ambitions to the United States. I hate to come across as if I’m comparing the two, but this comparison is usually what puts Canada in the shadow of the United States, whereas in reality it really shouldn’t be.

Because of more of a focus on fixing their own internal affairs, which many people can probably agree they’re actually getting right, Canada doesn’t put itself out there too much. This often misleads prospective visitors into thinking that it’s not worth visiting if it’s a place that doesn’t toot its own horn, so to say…

Seemingly restrictive immigration policies

Make no mistake about it, the immigration policies Canada has in place are some of the toughest in the entire world, but with good reason. It’s more about efficiency than the suggested stance to merely close the country’s borders to the world. All that’s required is for a prospective visitor to simply meet requirements which are put into place, with the Canadian ETA portal proving this observation.

Canadian immigration policies strike a balance between maintaining security and welcoming genuine travelers to this vast North American country. If you are a legitimate traveler and can demonstrate it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be granted entry to enjoy all the wonders Canada has to offer. However, navigating immigration laws can still be complex, and seeking assistance from an experienced immigration lawyer (like the ones at this immigration law firm in Vaughan, ON) can be highly beneficial. With their expertise, you can ensure that your immigration process is handled with precision and efficiency, increasing your chances of a successful and smooth transition to Canada.

Understated tourism marketing

Canadian culture is not generally one of loudly parading the good that they are beneficiaries of, which is great, except the country could lay off a bit more modesty when it comes to their tourism industry. Canada has so much to offer to visitors of all kinds, but because they don’t quite market themselves so vigorously, it’s very easy for potential visitors not to even consider Canada as a travel destination. This could even stand true to the various other things to see in the country. From highly urbanized and advanced cities to lush countryside and frozen tundra landscapes, the country may have more to offer than meets the eye. Tourism here would find space for all types of travellers–backpackers, honeymooners, trekkers, climbers and others to name a few. You could even learn more about the cannabis laws in the country and its liberalism towards it should it pique your interest. The nation’s open-mindedness could, in essence, be open to all.

Victims of their own success

Upon digging a little deeper, one would find that Canada is one of the most welcoming countries of foreigners who are perhaps fleeing conflict zones or who are merely economic refugees, so long as they have something to contribute to what would be their new country of residence. Consequently, prospective new migrants and even mere visitors develop the idea that by now this open-policy would have long since been closed up.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

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